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This week in a meeting, I was told that we just need to "keep plotting along."

I assume it was supposed to be plodding, not plotting, but I'm going to brush up on my conspiracy skills just in case.

My other favorite work slip-up was when a colleague told me "the results had wienered out."
wienered out = petered out + winnowed out

I think? Hard to say, really. Hard to say.


Memorial Day

Veterans Memorial Park, Deerwood Minnesota.


What. A. Day.

Today has been a double whammy: it's the day before a 4 day weekend and I'm 1 week out from a big work event.

Several times I had to give myself time-outs to take a deep breath and refocus. Two things helped.
  1. Listening to my new favorite Pandora station {Mumford and Sons}
  2. Watching this wind map. It's completely mesmerizing and the perfect way to zone out for 2 minutes before diving back into the fray.
If you have time off this weekend, enjoy it. If not, put on some tunes and space out. I won't tell on you.



For the first time in my life, I played bar trivia.

I wasn't very good at it.

The problem was that I kept over-thinking the answers. Even to questions I knew. By the time I was finished mentally justifying A, B, C, D, or E, it was too late to guess and I got no points. {There's a lesson in that, but not for post.}

The thing is, I still managed to get 3rd place! 
My name was on the winners board. 
If that trivia game had been the Olympics, I would've gotten a bronze medal. 
...even though there were only 3 of us playing. 
It's all about perspective. 
{And not over-thinking things.}


{Quality} Family Time

Today I was informed of the fact that it has been 34 days since my last blog post. Fail. I'm going to try to get back on the wagon and there are some exciting new design elements for the site that will be revealed in June. Here goes nothing!

Over the weekend, my family packed up and road tripped to Wisconsin to watch Paul run the Green Bay marathon. Everything went smoothly and it was a lovely weekend.*
The end.

Lambeau Field; Green Bay Marathon; Fox River

*Ok, so I lied. It was a disaster, starting with trying to get directions from the GPS only to find that Wisconsin was missing. No joke. It didn't make the list of states on the menu and the whole time we were in the state, the map didn't show up.

Somehow our reservation showed that we only had one room booked instead of two, but they charged us for three. The hotel was hosting a dance competition, so there were tween girls running around screaming all night.

My dad and I bickered all day Saturday, with the culminating argument being about whether or not we had been arguing. That's argument about arguing.

Sunday brought weather so hot that they cancelled the marathon 3/4ths of the way through it because ambulances couldn't keep up with the medical emergencies. During the drive home, there was a storm so bad that I had to pull over but couldn't see the lines on the side of the highway.

We were only gone for 24 hours but it felt like FOREVER.
The end {for real this time}.
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