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Sink the sync

Usually it is Sister that provides me with entertaining gmail chats to post, but today it was the "little" brother who stepped up to the plate.

Paul:  I've been having issues with my iphone calendar and my gmail calendar sinking
Cal:    Syncing?
Paul:  Well they are leaving me with a sinking feeling since they aren't syncing.
Cal:    Touche.


Without thinking...

This week, I taught my adult GED class dangling and misplaced modifiers. *So* much fun to a grammar nerd like me! I gave them a modifier and they had to finish the rest of the sentence. By far my favorite set of three:

Without thinking...
...I proposed to her!
...I kissed her.
...I finished my math homework.

It's always the shy students who surprise you. It makes me wonder, what would I do if I didn't stop to {over}think?


Meat Raffle

"When the meat raffle isn't any good, you know the town is going downhill."

The waitress at our cabin's dive bar might be on to something. Maybe Obama should hire her to drive around the country, assessing the economic health of American cities. Just a thought.

And in case you aren't familiar with this cultural experience, here's Wikipedia's definition of a meat raffle: A tradition of raffling off meat, often in pubs and bars, common in Britain, Australia, in the USA in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in Western Canada. Love that they specifically cite MN. We're so special.


Not a Joke

A Baptist and a Catholic walk into a Methodist church. punchline. Just this year's Easter service at the cabin! Kristin and I took an overnight trip up north to clear our heads {and paint our nails.}

Whatever your beliefs and whether or not you were celebrating a religious holiday, I hope you got to see something miraculous this weekend, too.
Northern MN
April 7, 2012


Seeing {orangey} Red

Used every girl's must have {orangey} red accessories all in one day:
nail polish


Construction Season

People think it's funny to say that in Minnesota we have two seasons: winter and construction. But it's not a joke.

I made this beautiful illustration to show you what the last part of my commute looks like right now. Early spring means early roadwork and it now takes 10-15 minutes for me to go less than a mile on campus {if I'm lucky and the intersections don't get blocked by semi trucks trying to get to the construction sites.}

Let me know if you can figure out a good alternate for me to use now that my normal route is half shut down. I have yet to find one...

It's like they want me to stay home, right? I wonder if there's a policy for calling in due to road work...


Conversation #1

Last week, I had a conversation with my nephew.

This might not seem like blog worthy news, but it was the first time talking to him on the phone in a real dialogue. Usually, Sister has to prompt him to answer my questions and he parrots her but this time, he was the one asking questions and even answered all of mine on his own.

"What doing, Auntie?"
"I'm cleaning the kitchen."
"I sweep!"
"Such a big helper! Do you want to help me clean?"

We kept chatting for a while and when I hung up, I just sat down in the middle of my kitchen floor and almost started crying.

How did he go from this little nugget of a baby to a REAL BOY? (Yes, I did say that Pinocchio style.)

In two years, most of us don't change much. We don't learn a language, completely outgrow our wardrobes, or master a sport but babies do all that and more: talk, grow, walk, run, count, feed themselves. It's a reality check and makes me think to myself, "What do I want to accomplish in the next two years?"
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