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Sister talk

Sister: what's it called when you video chat with someone?
            the thing we never do that starts with s?
Me:     Um, Skype?
Sister: Yes. Skype.
Me:     I should have let you guess longer 
            You were really onto something there


Things change

I used to wish a guy would buy me bouquets of roses. Now I think shoveling my sidewalks is just about the sweetest thing a man could do. 

What can I say? Home-ownership brings out the romantic in me.



Yesterday it was cold. Windchill of -29 degrees cold.

A neighbor kid stepped outside to catch the bus and screamed. All of the students I saw on campus *actually* had on real, winter coats. Doctors advised not being outside with exposed skin for longer than a few minutes.


So now you know what it meant when two random guys pulled over, jumped out of their warm cars and pushed a stranger's out of the middle of the road when it broke down. A frozen act of kindness. I won't say seeing it warmed me up...but it did make me smile.


Went to the Go

Just before Christmas, I went to Chicago for a conference. 
In my spare time I got to visit with old friends, 
do a little shopping and see the city's holiday sparkles.
It was *fabulous.*


OVER (rated)*

I know I've said this before but it bears repeating:
matching socks are overrated.

Also, I am back in the country. Yay America!

*In my head, that title sounds like the cheer they do at basketball games when someone who is supposed to be super good misses a bunch of baskets or gets fouled out.
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