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Monsters in the dark

You guys, it's happening: bugs are taking over the world. Last night I was snuggled in my warm, comfy bed with the ceiling fan running at exactly the right speed and a perfect new song playing on repeat when I heard the cat freaking out in the living room. FREAKING OUT. Batting at the blinds, meowing, jumping around. 

When I got up to check on her, I saw it. IT. A horrifying dragon dinosaur alien bug creature.* It had pincers. Big ones. And it's underside was all scaly. {These pics don't do it justice.}

After trying to flick it off the screen unsuccessfully, I gave up and went back to bed only to be dive-bombed by a kamakaze fly the size of a dime. Never have I seen a mutant freak of a fly that big.

Of course when I leaped up on the bed I got light headed from standing too fast. Almost lost my hand to that lovely ceiling fan and nearly fell off the bed trying to nunchuck it to death with a cardigan {it was the closest thing I could grab.}

I'm telling you...they're taking over.

*Someone on twitter informed it was an earwig. Eeeeew.


mudnessa said...

Pretty sure that is not an earwig but some sort of beetle...let me consult my little black book...aka my bug book I always have handy. I would guess some sort of stag beetle. I love bugs (earwigs not included, work is infested with earwigs, I hate them.)

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