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Springtime and Ringing Ears

My office is in a building that used to be a frat house. I do my best to not think about the things that happened there back in the day, and just enjoy the fact I have lots of windows and even a {condemned} balcony. It's very Romeo and Juliet.

I actually took this video just to send to Sister, but decided since I haven't posted in approximately 10,000 years I might as well use it for a post.


Basically, for those of you who don't have sound on your computers, the *unseasonably* warm weather here has resulted in the following:

1) Air conditioning isn't working yet.
2) Windows/doors are all open to avoid roasting.
3) Construction season has started early.
4) My brain might actually explode from the noise.

In conclusion, Happy Spring!

P.S. Does anyone have Excedrin?


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