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Mirror me, please!

Every year or two, I get the itch to redecorate. Usually I can stave it off by buying a new duvet or switching out throw pillows but sometimes that just isn't enough. Last weekend I moved my bedroom furniture around and this weekend: paint.

I have visions of creams and whites, gold accents and a mirrored side table to open up the space. There's something strangely exciting about digging through the house to find pieces that will work in a different room and spending as little $$ as possible for the biggest impact.

Hopefully this will get me on my way to my overall mission for my home: less stuff, more space to breath.

Now, if only I knew someone in the area who was good at painting and willing to help for the fee of a meal...coughcoughMattcough.

Photo: Pinterest/Pottery Barn


Confusador said...

Woohoo, painting! I've got a similar itch, but mine is expressing itself as a desire to build cabinets. I want less stuff, better organized. I may have just gotten back from checking out a bunch of carpentry books...

And of course, if you're serious about wanting help you know where to find me. ;) (Hint: It's the internet. The internet is where to find me.)

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