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Yesterday it was cold. Windchill of -29 degrees cold.

A neighbor kid stepped outside to catch the bus and screamed. All of the students I saw on campus *actually* had on real, winter coats. Doctors advised not being outside with exposed skin for longer than a few minutes.


So now you know what it meant when two random guys pulled over, jumped out of their warm cars and pushed a stranger's out of the middle of the road when it broke down. A frozen act of kindness. I won't say seeing it warmed me up...but it did make me smile.


Rahmath said...

These are things i like to read. Thankyou so much. Made me start my day so positively.

Sometimes think I should make a folder for all these nice things that we see. So that, when I feel blue about the state of world, I may read them and feel that the world is still beautiful after all.

Cal said...

I love being witness to things like this. It's so fun getting to see people go out of their way to help others without expecting recognition. I love your book idea! Jot them all down and when you get tired of horrible news stories, you can read back to remind yourself there's good out there, too.

Rahmath said...

You know what , maybe i will. I will make a page in my blog, where i will copy paste all the links which share such awesome stories. Yes...I will do it. And this page, which started it out will be the first link....Its ok rt?

El Vato Suave said...

At St. Thomas there was a lady in payroll who we thought drank vinegar every morning to put herself in the right mood. Every day she would be grouchy when I went to deliver the mail from the Development office.

One morning another seminarian and I saw a car that had stalled in the middle of Cleveland ave on a freezing morning. So we pushed it out of the road. And guess who was driving it? She was nice to me after that. Usually.

WoWo said...

Minnesota nice for you... My only comparison is to remember when I broke down on the 91 freeway on a weekend evening with my weeks old puppy. The 91 Freeway here is like one of the craziest freeways for traffic. Needless to say I was in tears not sure what to do when a young man on a motorcycle stopped his bike on the shoulder, STOPPED TRAFFIC IN THE DARK and pushed me off to the side all by himself. I never even got his sweet name.......I'll never forget that, though.

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