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Going back

Every once in a while...
when my hair gets hot, cooked from the sun
traffic is full of busses
and the air smells like city mixed with fresh bread feels like there again.  

Me encanta Madrid.

Photo taken on Beacon St. SE, Minneapolis


"How's that for battery?"

Question: Is there anything more frustrating than a chirping smoke detector?

Answer: Yes. Not being able to figure out which smoke detector is chirping.

Story of my life the other morning:



This sign on campus has my little grammar brain spinning.

Is it supposed to be a command? "Walk, bicycles!"
A list of nouns? "Walkers, bicycles"
Actions allowed under the bridge? "Walk. Bike."

This is why construction management majors should be required to take more English courses. So that I waste less time trying to mentally correct their signage.


Tots and tats

In case I haven't mentioned it before, my nephew is the most adorable thing on the face of the earth which is once again proven to be true by this video of him swimming.


All I could think about after watching the video approximately 17 times was, "Bubbles! Kicking! Aaaaaaboom!"

Apparently, what something else stuck out to my dad since he watched it and said, "I didn't know your sister had a tattoo." She has had it since college and, after hiding it for years, gave up on trying to keep it a secret ages ago. {He missed the memo.} One of my friends tells her kids that tat she got in college is a special kind of temporary one that only comes off with special soap.

Maybe both of them should look into yesterday's groupon? "Like octopi, tattoos contain ink, are typically found among sailors, and can frighten young children in swimming pools. Protect tots from scary tats with today's Groupon: for $50, you get one laser tattoo-removal session."

Really though...back to the more important topic: how cute is Dean?


It's getting hot in here...*

Unless you live under a rock, or perhaps in Europe, you know that it has been ridiculously hot in Minnesota this week. More miserable than anywhere else in the world, actually, when you combine the temperatures of 100 degrees F+ with the stifling high dew points.

The main interstate buckled and broke because of the heat, humidity, and rain. Another highway closed due to flooding. The shrubs in my backyard are officially fried.

It's like the apocalypse.

And to top it all off, on Tuesday morning I got a severe weather alert on my phone that said, "Severe weather warning until noon includes both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campus. Possible hail and winds at 70 mph."

There's some kind of system in place at the office where our office manager has some kind of special light on her desk that turns on when we should evacuate and go to the basement. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I picture it looking like this:

I could probably just walk to the other side of the building to see what it actually looks like but...why ruin it?

 *The lyrics from that Nelly song (which go "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes) were once sung to me by a 5 year old at the summer camp where I worked in high school. That was the day I vowed never to send my children to camp.


Heat waves and brain freezes

In the winter, there is nothing to do because it's cold and dark and snowy so I have plenty of time to blog. But, since there's nothing to do (because it's cold and dark and snowy), I have nothing to blog about.

In the summer, there's tons to do because it's warm and sunny and beautiful so I have plenty to blog about...but no time to write because, well, you get the idea

Here's a few of my summer snapshots from the past few weeks while I've been MIA:

1. Low-cal high glam martinis
2. Iphone games with the brother in law (apparently we're pretty evenly matched)
3. Cabining. Lots of cabining.
4. Peep toes + stripes
5. Craft & wine nights with my girls!
6. Cranking the AC and snuggling under blankets with the kitten.


Pretty, funny...pretty funny.

 It's my mama's birthday! Isn't she lovely?

People say I look like her which I take as a compliment every time. They also say I must get my hair color from her, which is ironic because she's naturally blonde.

{Maybe I shouldn't be telling people that on her birthday...hmm. Can't be as bad as revealing her age, right?}

Anyway, when I was 8 years old, we got a new girl in my class named Andrea. She was tall and had awesome hair and all the guys liked her. I was jealous. Also, she had a mom who was exotic looking and absolutely gorgeous. Nothing like the other mothers at school. I told Mom all about her. "Andrea's mom is the prettiest mom I've ever seen."

She paused. "What about me?"

I thought for a minute, and said, "Oh Mom...but you're funny."

Looking back, I still can't believe I didn't tell her how beautiful she is and that I hoped someday I'd be as pretty as she is. I also can't believe how gracefully she took what I said. She laughed and told me, "Well, funny lasts a lot longer than pretty does, so I'll take that any day."

Happy birthday, to my funny (and still very pretty) Mom.
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