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Rain Talk

"I got up early this morning to come into work at 7am but when I walked outside in my suit and saw all of those crawlers, I just couldn't help myself. I was just going to grab a few of them because there's nothing like 'em when they're homegrown but 300 crawlers later I had to go inside to change out of my wet business suit and get ready for work again."

"You know you can buy those, right?"

"They just aren't the same. My wife loves them too, actually. She just loves that I keep them in plastic containers in the fridge all summer. It's her favorite."
"I'll bet it is."

"Too bad I have to take that suit to the cleaners now. I didn't get it muddy but it definitely got a little...musty."

{Overheard elevator conversation.}
{Also, you're welcome for not including a photo of piles of worms. I was tempted. Sorely tempted.}
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Frat row: Not so normal

Normal: Seeing guys hanging out outside on frat row.
Not so normal: Seeing guys outside on frat row...studying and listening to classical music.

If I hadn't witnessed it personally while walking back from a meeting, I'd never believe it happened but I promise you it did. Working on a college campus can be so strange...

{Photo of frat row here on campus from Google Images.}


Happy Easter

I hope your Easter was as beautiful and simple as mine was this year.



I was recently told I always look really put together.

Ha! Haha.


About that...


One last snowfall

Everyone is complaining about getting snow at the end of April but really? 
It's beautiful. 
And I won't have to shovel it {which makes it even prettier.}


Girls day at Ginger Hop

About once a month, Elissa and I do a Saturday girls day. We get lunch, do some kind of spa appointment or get our hairs did, and then go out for cocktails. It's glorious.

Last weekend we checked out the Ginger Hop, which was just about as adorable as it's name.We ordered our fancy drinks and asked our waiter to take a picture of us. He snapped the shot, said "Aww, cute!" and handed my phone back to me.

And the photo? It. Was. Hideous. It's one things when someone's eyes are closed (which Elissa's were, btw) but this was like something off of a fun house mirror. If it hadn't been so horrifying I would have posted it for you because I really have no shame but it was too much even for me. It was traumatizing.

So instead, here are pretty photos of our drinks, the Ginger (Canton French Ginger Liquor, Chambord, vodka, OJ and soda garnished with candied ginger) and the Eye Candy (Patron Citronge Liquer, Canton Ginger, pomegranate juice, OJ, and sparkling brut) as well as our delicious fried egg rolls. In summary: I'd recommend going there for food and drinks but do NOT under any circumstances, ask an employee to take your photo.


A Pinkberry Prayer: ANSWERED

For those of you who don't believe in the power of prayer, behold...I have proof they work.

Back in November, I asked Saint Honoré to intercede on my behalf to get a frozen yogurt place like Pinkberry here in Minnesota.

He pulled through in a BIG WAY. Within walking distance of my office, there is now a by-weight frozen yogurt place with all the toppings my little heart desires. Even the logo colors look like Pinkberry's! I'm a happy, happy girl. Welcome home, Chilly Billy's Frozen Yogurt. Welcome home.

P.S. Confusador commented on my prayer post, "I don't know, trying to bring a frozen treat franchise to MN seems like a fools errand, I certainly wouldn't put any money on it." Who's the fool now, hmmmm???


Spring cabin weekend...

Frozen lake
Hick sign
Diner food
Drinkin' bar
Quilt nap
Hacked-off trailer



Political confession: the first time I heard a story about Ron Paul as a hopeful presidential candidate, I thought they were talking about RuPaul.

It was confusing.

To my credit, was in the other room so I couldn't see what they were talking about the TV. Easy mistake to make. Clearly.

Photos from Wikipedia and Google Images.


Waffle Face

Tuesday morning as I drove to work half an hour late I wondered, "Is it a legitimate reason to be late if you slept through two alarms because you were exhausted and busy dreaming that about being forced to skip around from year to year like Henry in The Time Travelers Wife?"

Then I got too distracted by the massive waffled pillow dents on my cheek to think about it any more and spent the next 15 minutes trying to make them go away.

Because nothing says professionalism like sleep creases on your face at 9am on a Tuesday.


Nook Living

As soon as I saw these decorated nooks on Anthro, I knew I wanted to live in this one. So, I invited my best friend to move in with me and you are all welcome to stop by to visit us.

We'll be serving tea and vanilla lattes.

Cupcakes too.

With sprinkles.

See ya there.
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