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A Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving is a time for family, quality time and puking toddlers.

At least ours was.

Sister, Joe the Brother-in-law, and Dean the Nugget were in town and my brother invited all of us to do lunch with him at his fancy corporate office. Our tour, the food, his coworkers...everything was great until Dean started coughing on our way out.

Then, it happened. In a big lobby by the elevators and two glassed in conference rooms, the little guy puked. Sister caught all of it in her hands without letting a single drop hit that generic patterned carpet. {Mother of the Year, people. For real.} Joe threw his jacket down on the ground just in case there was more on it's way, Paul ran-walked to find a trash can, and Katie told me, "Wipes! Get the wipes out of my purse! NOW!"

Poor little Dean just stood there, shaking his head and saying over and over again, "Ooooh no! Oh no! Ooh nooooo!"

As soon as the situation was contained, he changed his chant to, "Shirt. Off! Shirt. OFF! SHIRT OFF!!!" Apparently the kid doesn't enjoy smelling like frow-ups. Noted. Joe scooped him up and started mumbling something about the nearest exit while Paul repeatedly hit the elevator button.

There's no limit to how much I'd pay to see those 3 minutes of security camera footage.


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