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Waffle Face

Tuesday morning as I drove to work half an hour late I wondered, "Is it a legitimate reason to be late if you slept through two alarms because you were exhausted and busy dreaming that about being forced to skip around from year to year like Henry in The Time Travelers Wife?"

Then I got too distracted by the massive waffled pillow dents on my cheek to think about it any more and spent the next 15 minutes trying to make them go away.

Because nothing says professionalism like sleep creases on your face at 9am on a Tuesday.


Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures said...

I think it's a perfectly acceptable excuse. :)

WoWo said...

not only is it perfectly acceptable, I think it's perfectly believable as well. Who would make something like that up?

El Vato Suave said...

One of my students told me this one the other day:

Q: How do you wake up Lady Gaga?
A: Poke her face.

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