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Rain Talk

"I got up early this morning to come into work at 7am but when I walked outside in my suit and saw all of those crawlers, I just couldn't help myself. I was just going to grab a few of them because there's nothing like 'em when they're homegrown but 300 crawlers later I had to go inside to change out of my wet business suit and get ready for work again."

"You know you can buy those, right?"

"They just aren't the same. My wife loves them too, actually. She just loves that I keep them in plastic containers in the fridge all summer. It's her favorite."
"I'll bet it is."

"Too bad I have to take that suit to the cleaners now. I didn't get it muddy but it definitely got a little...musty."

{Overheard elevator conversation.}
{Also, you're welcome for not including a photo of piles of worms. I was tempted. Sorely tempted.}
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Alecia @ Hoobing Family Adventures said...

At first I thought you were the one collecting the worms. :)

Cal said...

Haha, I thought about stating at the beginning that it was an overheard conversation but I wanted y'all to get pulled into the dialogue right away ;)

WoWo said...

wuuuuhhmmm pahty! Gross. It always grossed me out to see night crawlers sitting in the fridge. right next to dinner

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