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Just a few reasons

Here are just a few reasons why I love the Blue Door Pub...


The Office: kitchen edition

Coworker: Whoever left these prunes in the refrigerator should just take a laxative and leave the fruit at home.

Intern: Hey! You can't say that word at work!

Coworker: What?

Intern: Laxative! Pretty sure you can't say "laxative" in the workplace.

Coworker: But these prunes have been in here for weeks and they take up too much space!

And that is when I started laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Happy day that feels like it should be a Friday but isn't. The end.


Every once in a {great} while I get hit with the feeling that it's just time to let go. Move on. Sweep up the pieces and toss them away instead of trying to glue them back together. Because really? I hate glue. It gets all over your fingers and makes it look like your skin is peeling off. Gross. And absolutely relevant here, too.

The other day it slammed me while I was sitting in a dressing room, a pile of clothes by my side. I started crying, frozen in the middle of pulling a shirt off the hanger. But as soon as I told myself, It's ok. It's time. It'll be alright, a song popped into my head and I knew I really meant it this time.

No more flimsy excuses. Just a deep breath and...

"I think to myself
It's a beautiful night
And I know everything is gonna be alright
Yes, now I know it'll be alright"

Skating from Fredo Dupoux on Vimeo.

"Everything is gonna be alright (Will's Lullaby)" song by Joshua Radin


Pants are so out.

This season at Banana Republic pants are optional.

The pantsless look is great for news anchors, desk workers and fashonistas alike.

A cross-body satchel bag, pictured here, is essential and will make you forget you ever used pockets.

And don't let bad weather keep you from this trend! For colder climates pair a layered sweater and no pants with a long wool trench coat to avoid drafts.

P.S. Are half naked mannequins ever NOT funny?



Skeds Magee sent me a care package that included a book, The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen and it was the sweetest little novel I've flown through in a long time.

You know it's going to be a good read when you finish the first page and say, "Amen, Sistah. Amen." And yes. I literally said that. Out loud.

And then read it out loud to my mom. And she, too, said "Amen, Sistah. Amen." Or some momish version of that. Because it is fall and I'm so excited about it and this girl obviously gets that, too.

"When Josey woke up and saw the feathery fost on her windowpane, she smiled. Finally, it was cold enough to wear long coats and tights. It was cold for scarves and shirts worn in layers, like camouflage. It was cold enough for her lucky red cardigan, which she swore had a power of its own. She loved this time of year. Summer was tedious with the light dresses she pretended to be comfortable in while secretly sure she looked like a loaf of white bread wearing a belt. The cold was such a relief."

MMM, fall layers. Here I come!



Sunday I was kidnapped. Dad showed up with a stuffed polar bear I gave him one year for Christmas with a note that had said, "Use this bear as your ticket to go to Como Zoo with me any time you want."

When I was little the polar bear exhibit was our special place to visit and we still try to go at least once a year together.

We drove through Taco Bell {yummmm} and ate it outside the conservatory. It was one of those fall days that still feels like summer and couldn't have been more perfect.


I'm screwed.

No, literally. Screwed. There are two big metal screws in my foot that are keeping me from walking and I am noooooot happy. {I am slightly amused by the title of this post though so there is that.}

The {pink} cast came off but I'm stuck on one leg for another 4 weeks bringing my total time as a gimp to 10 weeks. It's not the end of the world but it is frustrating but my 24 hours of pouting is over and now I'm going to shake it off and let it go.

Plans for tonight include some of my favorite things in the world: Blue Door Pub, fresh fried cheese curds, Surly beer, Mad Men, Essie nailpolish {do yourself a favor and get some Chinchilly for can thank me later} and Miss E.

My chin is officially up and next week I PROMISE to do some non-whiny posts. Pinky promise.

Have a good weekend and stay out of trouble!

Actually, scratch that. Go out and get into some trouble for me since I can't do it myself. I expect full reports on Monday. Pleaseandthankyouverymuch.



I haven't been posting much lately because I have been in a funk. Hosting a pity party. Down in the dumps. {Pick your favorite cliche and go with it.}

Not being able to walk is getting old and being stuck at home on the couch, even older. Then, when I am feeling bad for myself I start feeling bad about the fact I feel bad because in the long run it isn't that big of a deal and there are people with much bigger challenges in their lives. I'm a wuss.

Hopefully later this week my x-rays will show I've healed enough to get a walking boot which would be a VAST improvement. Then I could do all sorts of exciting things like, oh, I don't know...shower standing up? Get dressed without hopping around on one foot? WALK?

In the meantime I'll share a little view from the weekend that did wonders to cheer me up. It's not often that the sky says, "I heart you."


Hoards and gobs of freshmen

We've been invaded by freshman! They're everywhere. See? This line of kids wrapped all the way around the block. Our front desk receptionist claims these were marching drills during which they learn how to behave like adults. Hmm.

This is the second class of first year students who never saw the 80's; poor deprived children! Good thing stirrup leggings are back in style so they can get a taste of what they missed.

My office is on the edge of campus so {other than the fact driving feels like a game of pinball or maybe bowling with students all over the roads} not much changes in my world when a few thousand 18 year olds start running around without adult supervision for the first time in their lives. Although there is about a 47 minute wait to get a burrito at Chipotle.

P.S. It turns out I wasn't the only one curious about the giant "Still a virgin?" billboards around town. Sounds like it is a flash marketing campaign by Sony Pictures for a new movie coming out this year. Thanks, Sara, for passing along the article!


Keepin it classy

This billboard got put up on campus just in time for freshman move-in.

Bets on how many panic attacks it has started in moms dropping their kids off for college?
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