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Being 1/16th Irish totally counts today.

This year I celebrated St. Patrick's Day a little early and went out to Maple Lake for their annual parade. There were over 100 floats (with a high showing by the local fire departments and city princesses) and half the county showed up wearing green to watch the excitement.

One highlight of the day were the leprechauns who gave out bars of Irish Spring soap. I wouldn't be surprised if the company called Elissa's niece to be their next spokesperson after seeing her showing off their product.

Another special moment was when the Redbull car came by and gave out several cases of soda. To children. Small children. When I saw a 3 year old boy slamming one down I said, "Seriously? Who would give their kid a Redbull?"
His dad heard me and answered, "Oh don't worry, it's sugar-free." Ever heard of caffeine? Or taurine? Nice work, buddy.

Someday maybe I can ride in the back of a pick-up truck with my name proudly written on a styrofoam plate. A girl can dream.

All in all it was good times. We wore green bows in our hair, put shamrocks on our cheeks, and laughed all day.


Paper towel rolls are useful.

I spent all day cleaning yesterday.
Well, after I sat on the couch eating HOMEMADE crepes from a mix and catching up on Project Runway.
And Real World DC.
Also, I watched few episodes of The Wire.
And then it was lunchtime so I made swordfish.

But after that I spent all day cleaning!

After a whole bunch of lights, whites, brights and darks I tackled the kitchen. After scrubbing everything down I took the empty paper towel roll off the holder and paused with the cardboard tube in my hand. I thought, "I know someone told me to save these for something. What was it?"

For the life of me I couldn't remember until right now: in college the stoner I dated used them to smoke in the dorms without getting caught and he always asked me to save mine for him. And I did. What can I say? Mom raised me to recycle. She would have been so proud...


Definitions Schmefinitions

Have you ever used a word incorrectly and then found out after years of saying it wrong what the real spelling/meaning is?
Like the time I hosted a group of friends for Thanksgiving dinner at my house and very sweetly asked, "Please pass the turret for the mashed potatoes."
Mr. Confusador was the only one who caught my mistake and figured out that I meant trivet, not turret. It's not like I was that far off...a metal hotpad versus a small tower. Meh.

Then, it happened the other day when I realized that the tank top style I had always called "razor back" is actually a "racer back." That may not seem like a huge difference but let me illustrate for you so you can see just why it made me feel stoopid to have confused the two words for so long.

Racerback: noun/adjective, "pertaining to a style of clothing with a T-shaped back."  
(definition from, image from ShopBop)

Razorback: noun, "a thin-bodied long-legged feral hog chiefly of the southeast United States."
(definition from Merriam Webster, picture from Google images)


Giddyup, Friday night.

Friday night was weird. It started with a hippie college girl from an environmental agency (yes, she had dreadlocks and a knit hat) knocking on my door. She asked if my parents were home. And then apologized for the confusion by saying, "Oh sorry, you look like a teenager!"


Then I went to Walgreens and spent $56.89 more than I wanted to spend on things I didn't even know I needed. Until I saw them. And they had to be mine. Thanks, Winona, darling, for fueling sharing in my obsession with the place.

After that it was off to the liquor store to pick up supplies for Saturday's Girls Day Out (mimosas, shopping and nachos!) and the guy doing wine tastings said, "Um, do you have a note from your mother? I'm not sure I should be letting you try this."



The cashier, who recognized me (no I don't go there ALL the time...just...whatever) laughed. Then told me his name is "Fiddy." Just like 50 Cent. Only he is skinny, white and Irish. So, pretty much just like 50 Cent.

My errands were capped off by a text from one of the girls saying, "I think we should get piercings tomorrow.* We can discuss after mimosas."

I love my friends.

And looking like at 15 year old.

Kind of.

The end.

*We did not end up getting any piercings or tattoos but both were discussed after mimosas. Maybe next time...
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