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It has been a ca-hra-zy week but even in the chaos a few random things have made me stop and think, Hmm...really?

Sitting in a meeting I actually heard someone say, "We should give this project some more time. Really let that idea get goooooooood and baked."

Working late one night I found myself basically alone in the office. I kicked off my heels, put my hair up with a pencil and pinned my bangs back with a paperclip. Two minutes later a colleague walked by and stopped at my desk to chat. She said, "Oh I just LOVE your hair up like that! You look so cute."
With a paperclip in my hair? Apparently wearing office supplies is trendy. Next up: stapler purses and envelope skirts.

And my personal favorite, this tweet by the City of St. Paul telling people to stop texting (sent via text):



The loooooove tour

Valentine's day is approaching quickly and I won't lie: I'm excited. No, I don't have a boyfriend this year and honestly I've never been seriously dating someone on Feb. 14th but that doesn't make me enjoy it any less. I bake cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles, I buy my friends funny little presents, and I pass little kid cards out around the office. Last year they were "Hello Kitty" themed and included mini temporary tattoos (which were a HUGE hit at work...seriously...I'm not being sarcastic.) I'm thinking maybe Disney Princesses this year but it's still up in the air.

So in preparation for the big day, my friend Chris and I have decided if we don't end up with dates we are going to go to the Minnesota Zoo's Love Tour and be the most obnoxiously cute couple in attendance.

First, you might be wondering, "What is a love tour?" Well, here is the zoo's definition of a love tour (just in case you didn't click on the link above...although I'm sure there are other definitions out there):
Our annual Valentine event is a perfect way to spend a romantic evening out. This year’s event will again provide a glimpse into the private lives of a variety of animals. From courtship to breeding, our furry, feathered, and scaly, indulge in exotic romantic rituals. For adults only (ages 21 +) the Love Tour is a one of a kind experience. After your tour enjoy a sumptuous dinner in Discovery Bay.

So, our plan is to be so sugary sweet people want to hit be us by the end of the night. The checklist is a work in progress. Feel free to add to it as you see fit.
  • Matching velour track suits [X]
  • Ridiculous pet names [still taking suggestions...honeycakes and mr. wubbster have been thrown out there]
  • Laminated wallet pictures of our "kids" aka pets to show anyone who will listen [X]
  • Telling stories of how we met? [story still being developed]
And to top it all off....

  • Fake proposal complete with tears and a ginormous ring pop [X]


A tropical afternoon

I took today off from work and decided to escape for the day. Dad and I went back to the neighborhood where he grew up and had lunch. He regaled me with stories about when he was a kid on the drive by his old house.

"...this is the corner where Mike, Jimmy, Scotty and I used to meet to ride our bikes to school together. And Tammi Maloney lived there. I took her to the Regimental Ball. She was a hottie. And That skating rink, Scotty used to run it and in college we'd come back on the weekends to kick all the kids off the ice early so we could drink beer and play boot hockey..."

Then, it was time to visit one of my favorite places in the entire world: the Como Conservatory. Open every day of the year. For only $2 (suggested donation, not required) you can warm up and pretend you're far away from it all...

We spent the afternoon wandering from room to room, soaking in the humidity, fresh air, and bright colors. A much needed mini-tropical break in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter. Snow above, leaves all around...

You learn something new every day....



Limited forecast ahead

Every morning before work I go to WCCO and check the weather forecast. But really, what's the point? From now until April there are only so many possibilities...
  • freezing cold or below freezing cold
  • snow or no snow
  • ridiculous windchill or slightly less ridiculous windchill
The roads in St. Paul have gotten so bad with the snow/melt/freeze/ice combination from Christmas that I now expect to get stuck at least once on the way to and from the office. Even though I was born in a blizzard (only three more weeks to shop for presents before it's my birthday!!!) I'm struggling with winter this year. I know I posted this picture last January but I think it merits a reappearance because really, it sums up all of my feelings about this weather:


Falling lamps in 2010

This morning a lamp fell on my head.

Yes. You read that right.

A lamp fell.
From the top shelf of the closet.
Onto my head.

Great way to get ready for the first day of the decade back at work, right? It sounds funnier than it felt. Oy. But, despite a rocky morning I'm excited about the new year.

In 2009, Sister's sole resolution was "to be more awesome." She had a beautiful baby boy and became the worlds sweetest new mother. I'd say that counts for a big "mission accomplished" sticker. Resolutions overwhelm me almost as much as trying to figure out what to give up for Lent every spring. This year I had the chance to reevaluate a little earlier than usual.

About a month before 2010 rolled in I got sick. Really sick. Not near-death-experience-sick or anything but sick enough that I couldn't eat or drink for over a week which landed me in the ER for a day. Hooked up to IVs for 8 hours I had plenty of time to think. I set some new goals for myself, started working on them that day and have already begun to see results. Some of them are extremely personal, others fairly vague, and the last is sort of a secret so I'm won't be going into details (not to be a tease) but, it's going to be a big year. I can feel it. Heck, 2010 might even be the year I get cable! (Maybe. Don't hold your breath.)
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