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Inordinately excited.

I am inordinately excited about my new office calendar. So much so that I've decided to post about it. Also I really wanted an excuse to use the word "inordinately" because it has been stuck in my head all morning.

When I started my job two years ago they told me not to get too comfortable at my desk because I would be moving soon. So, I didn't do anything to make it my little space.

A year and a half later I finally got moved to my snazzy new cubicle office which, might I add, comes with its very own little locker. That's right. I've got a locker. Jealous? Cause you should be. If you're nice to me I might even hang up your picture in it. Then during lunch we can make one of those paper fortune tellers and find out who we are going to marry someday.

Now that I am all settled in I've started decorating. So far I've got a mini shrine to Dean, a plant I got last year for my birthday from Mentor Pam and have miraculously kept alive, and now...MY CALENDAR! Pretty sweet, right? Even sweeter is that it was $5 and it is metal and has magnets so you can change the date/day/month every day.
[Sigh.] Inordinately. Excited.


Sara said...

Inordinately is seriously one of my favorite words. It's no wonder our elephant knees found each other out there on the big bad internets.

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