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Inadequate templates

Whenever I get a new cellphone my mom insists on getting the exact same model so she doesn't have to figure out how to work it by herself.

(FYI that statement really has absolutely nothing to do with my post other than the fact I'm going to write about a feature on the most current phone. Whatever. It's my blog I'll cry if I want to! what I want?)

Last night when I couldn't fall asleep I decided to putz around with my phone, mostly because the computer was too far away. If you hit about 17.5 buttons you can get to the option to insert some template text into a message. Scrolling through the list almost all of them feel really abrupt. Who wrote these things? I'm pretty sure there's only one that sounds anything like something I'd actually say. I'll let you figure out which it is...

Call me back.
Where are you now?
I am on the way. Please wait.
Urgent! Please contact.
I love you.


Grandma Lebowski

Sunday I called Grandma to wish her a happy grandparents' day (I know, I'm pretty sweet) and asked her about her weekend. Usually she tells me about her progress on the latest knitting project, playing with her great-grand nieces or having dinner at the Pierpont Racquet Club with her friends. This time she said, "Last night I netflixed The Big Lebowski. And I LOVED it! Those dudes were funny. I mean, they used the f-bomb a little too much for my liking and the whole thing was a little raunchy but it fit with the characters so I didn't mind too much."
"I errrr you ummm, really? The Big Lebowski?" I sputtered, trying not to laugh.
"Yes, I know. I figured you'd all be embarrassed by your grandmother but I wanted to see it so I did."
"Grandma, I'm not embarrassed. I'm proud!"
"Good. Now let's talk about that USC Ohio State game..."


Chai chai chai

It's a chai kind of a day...a poem from me, and a post about mmmcupcakesmmm from Skeddy. Oh and a song, too!

Spanish Chai
In a scarf wrapped fall evening
she walks slowly to the next plaza
letting her nose freeze in anticipation.

Through swinging cafe doors
she stumbles over familiar foreign words
ordering a mug of chai, extra hot.

Steaming, warming, filling,
she closes her eyes and sighs,
tasting home with every sip.



It is amazing how much junk can accumulate in such a small space over just a year and a half. Packing up to switch desks I found (among other random things)...

-three vases (even though I can only remember getting flowers once)
-four bottles of whiteout (a girl can never have too many)
-17 taco bell hot sauce packets (mmm.)
-three pairs of shoes (extra flats and pumps are key...what if a heel breaks?)
-seven ribbons from cupcake pops (Did I really eat that many?)
-one pair of earrings (they gave me a massive allergic reaction but just I can't seem to throw them away)

Maybe everyone should have to move every other year. I don't even want to know what has found its home in my junk drawer at The Stanford House over the past two years. Ugh...


Moving day!

Tomorrow I'll be in my new office space (aka cube) and every time I say, "It's moving day!" I think of Rex Manning Day from Empire Records. Which inevitably makes me think of my favorite scene from the movie so since things are crazy busy for me I'll leave you with this little clip for entertainment!


California is too far away.

I left my parent's house after saying goodbye to Sister, drove home crying all the way, and plopped down on my couch. My house hasn't felt that empty in a long time; I texted her and said, "Miss you already."

Her response came back within seconds, "Miss you too. Come back over." I looked at my phone, checked the clock, read her message again. Already bedtime. But I just needed a little while longer with her so I grabbed my purse and ran out to the car. Halfway to my parents' house I realized I was barefoot.

When my headlights filled the living room windows and she saw me in the driveway she shook her head at me. "I didn't think you would really come back!" How could I not? An extra hour or two was worth having to say goodbye again. We didn't do anything special, just drank some orange juice and worked on a puzzle, but it was my favorite time of the whole weekend.

OJ makes the baby happy and I got to feel him kick for the first time. Sitting next to her belly I talked to my nephew and every time I paused he pushed on my hands. With midnight inching closer I had to leave, again, and before I made it out the door I was back to missing her. But during this drive home I had the feel the baby's flutters on my hands and Katie's extra hugs to make it a little easier to see the road through the tears.


A Game of Bounce

Sometimes I get to work
and sit at my desk
and hear a strange noise.
I think that strange noise
might be a bouncy ball
the big kind
you exercise with
and I wonder why
I wasn't invited to play.
But then a coworker tells me
it's window washing day
and the noise is
the squeegees hitting glass.
But I still pretend
it's a game.


A Sidenote Celebration

A Sidenote celebration...5 year anniversary!
First, the cooking! Wore my new vintage apron and whipped up a little feast.

Then a fancy-pants dinner. Mahi mahi in a lime curry simmer sauce over brown rice and sparkling lemonade. Oh and my new tablecloth too!

Ebs joined me for dinner but she just kept trying to convince me to skip to dessert.

Unfortunately for her, I wasn't ready to eat the pie until later but everyone knows candles look better in the dark.

And I finished 'er off with a big little wish.
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