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Recycle! Reuse!

Wednesday was my first day back at work but the funny thing is, no one seemed to notice me. Ok I take that back--Mentor Pam did but since her office is directly across from me I'd find it strange if she didn't. Boss and our admin assistant walked by my desk 4 or 5 times and didn't see me. Come Thursday everyone stopped by and said hi and welcomed me back, even though I had passed all of them at least once the day before.

Maybe it is because I came in for a half day at noon, I'm not sure, but whatever the reason it has worked to my advantage because this morning I could not figure out what to wear. With legs still so sunburned it hurts to sleep jeans were not an option and since my skin is still the color of a red apple a skirt wouldn't work either. My solution? I put on the exact same comfortable outfit I had on Wednesday because I figured no one would know I wore it two days ago. So far so good. Although now any of my coworkers who read this will probably think I'm dirty and never wash my clothes. Oh well...



You know those people at the beach who have strange blotchy red patches all over their skin where they missed with the sunblock?
I am that person.
Bright red up the backs of both legs and one big spotch on my left shoulder blade. Oh well, shows you just how well sunblock CAN work if you actually get it on all over. Its not like it hurts all the time or anything---just when I sit, walk, or move. NBD! Haha, it was worth it for a perfect day laying on the beach with Sister...


Tic tac toe

Someone was having a little fun in the sky. Three views of different directions around my office. Looks like tic tac toe to me!

I wonder who won...


A special appearance

Guess who stopped by yesterday to visit...
And he brought with him his very special lady friend, Elaine. Aren't they a striking couple?

Miss Ebony was just dying to meet them but I told her not to feel snubbed when they flew away; I'm not sure they travel in the same social circles...


Everyone is a critic

I got told what's what by a four year old last night. Chalking up the sidewalk with the next door neighbor girls, Fia requested a cat. It was a pretty dapper cat, if I do say so myself, with green paws added by the almost three year old. Then she wanted a dog. Apparently this one didn't go so well because the little boy from across the street came over to check on my progress and asked, "What's the pink dot?"
"That's the nose," I said.
He responded, "But cookies don't have noses!"
I guess when it comes to sidewalks I should stick to poetry.

Tune in tomorrow for a very special guest...


My Hallelujah Song

This is my view driving home from work every day; it is spring and life is good.

If I tried to list everything that is good in my life right now I would be typing 'till the day I die. Instead I'll just let you listen to the song I put on repeat these days because I feel like I could have written it myself.


Elevator Confusion

Recently I celebrated my one year work anniversary. The celebration included lunch out with Boss and an afternoon DQ Blizzard icecream run with a coworker. Pretty sweet, right? So you'd think that after a full year I'd have the ins and outs of my office and the building where it is housed under control.
Not so.
The U of M has miles and miles of underground tunnels (somewhere between 6 and 9 miles, I can't remember the exact number) and (hallelujah hallelujah) there is one that connects my building to the parking garage so in the winter I never have to go outside to get to my car. The elevator from said tunnel to said parking garage confounds me every single time I use it, never fail. See, on one side of the elevator is the up button and on the other side of the elevator is the firefighter call key hole. And they look exactly. The. Same.

Inevitably at the end of a long day (and really, what work days aren't long?) I will push the non-button on the right and wait for approximately 2 to 17 minutes for the elevator to show up before I realize that in order to call it I needed to push the actual up button on the left. Even better is when other people show up and wait with me, assuming I'm an intelligent enough person to have pushed the correct button. That's when I feel really cool.
(Sorry about the blur. I took about ten pictures of each side and this was the best I could do...)
P.S. I still get a headache if I think too hard about which crosswalk to use.


Allergy overload

Yesterday I woke up feeling like every ounce of pollen in the Greater Twin Cities had settled in my sinuses and then coated the inside of my throat. In other words, bad news bears. My muscles ached, my glands were swollen and eyes hurt. I decided it had to be allergies because really, I just don't have time to be sick.

You would think something in my slew of sick supplies would make me feel better...lots of water, Disney Princess chicken noodle soup, zinc with calcium...SOMETHING. I was feeling marginally better by the afternoon when a song popped into my head. Somehow JET made me feel better when none of the other stuff could.

Listen with might get seriously stuck in your head on repeat for the rest of the day. That's what happened to me.


One less dish

Back around Christmas time I wrote Santa a very nice letter asking him for Tupperware to bring my lunches in for work. This sparked quite the controversy in the comments section: plastic versus glass reusable containers. Well, Santa brought me BOTH but I especially love my set of Pyrex bowls with lids. Three sizes! Two each! Blue tops! So exciting!

Then, last night, getting out of the car trying to balance a grocery bag, heels, and a gallon of milk disaster hit. The pretty Pyrex bowl from lunch slipped out of my purse and shattered into a gazillion pieces, all over the garage floor. My first thought was, "Noooooo! Now I won't have an even set." My second thought was, "Oh well. One less dish to wash."


Shiny night, sans storm

The weather team at has been lying to me. For two weeks all I've been getting from them are lies, lies, dirty lies. They have been predicting thunderstorms by 1:00pm almost every single day and only ONCE did they pull through for me. Even then it was actually 3:00am when it started thundering and it only lasted for 15 minutes. What a rip off.
You see, I have that midwesterner characteristic where I absolutely positively ADORE thunderstorms. Unless the sirens are going off my favorite place to be is on a porch watching the action. If the sirens are blaring then I scoop up Ebs and hunker down in my "storm shelter" (aka the corner of my basement where I've put two spare sofa chairs complete with ottomans, side tables, a blanket and a battery operated radio. I am PREpared.)
Yesterday, however, I was actually kind of glad they were ridiculously off base with their forecast. Instead of rain it was a still evening with spring leaf filtered sun.
I walked to the store to get food for dinner, met a duck and named him Albert and even ate outside on the patio. Since today is in fact gray and potentially rainy (keep your fingers crossed!) I think I'll post the pictures I took on my bright, shiny evening walk.

Neighborhood grocery store and one of about a dozen churches nearby

I have Quaker neighbors. They have tulips.

Another Quaker tulip. They sure know how to grow 'em!

Miss. 'Fia's princess throne, abandoned for dinner time

Home again...front steps of The Stanford House


Don't judge me: Mothers Day 2009

Mom, Dad, Paul and I all settled in around my beautifully set brunch table on Sunday to enjoy a feast: french toast with strawberries, scrambled eggs with brie cheese, tomatoes and spinach, orange juice in wine glasses, and bacon. I used my good china, fancy napkins and my new place mats. The centerpiece was a gorgeous arrangement of stargazer lilies, purple orchids and some lavender spritzy baby's breath-esque fillers. "Cal, the flowers are gorgeous! Where did you get them?"

Paul looked at me, saw the frozen look on my face and burst out laughing. "Yeah, where did you get them?" He taunted. He burst out laughing so hard I thought he was going to choke on his bacon and got me laughing, too. I could hardly talk. Tears streamed down my face.
"Promise not to judge me?" I asked. My parents looked at each other, slightly alarmed, but they did promise. "Well," I took a deep breath and choked out, "I got them in the alley out of my neighbor's trash bin."
"No," Dad said in disbelief, "You didn't." I explained how I had seen a giant bouquet with some perfectly fine stems looking so bright and cheery that I couldn't leave them languishing in a dirty dumpster. After about five minutes of hysterical laughter we started to calm down, clutching our stomachs.
"Mom why did you ask me where I got them? You've never asked me that before."
"I don't know," she answered, "but I'm never asking again!"


Mom news

This year my momma is getting Ikea taper candles, her favorite Bath and Body Works antibacterial yummy smelling soaps, and a little tree planty thing that has a trunk in the shape of a heart. Oh, and a new request. She said she wanted "Lucky" by 'Jason Moran and Moriah Carrie.' Aka...Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.
Need an inexpensive way to give Mom a shout out this weekend? Check this out!
Mom Video
My favorite quote? "In other mom news a recent study confirms that pulling your hair back in a ponytail is not the same thing as showering."
Crap! Who knew? Learn something new every day.


Kids say the darndest things

Kids really do say the darndest things. And sometimes, so do I. Luckily half the time I only say them to myself in my head (or out loud if I'm home alone). Mom got me a great little black cotton dress off the sale rack at Target for only $7. I threw on a floral cardigan with some cute jewelry and checked mah-self out in the mirror.
"Cute...and so comfortable," I thought. "Its just too bad maternity dresses make one look so--pregnant." Wait, did I fail to mention it was off the maternity sale rack at Target? Yeah.
And no, I'm not pregnant. Hence the problem with looking like I am. Whatever, I belted that sucker and am good to go. Plus this way if I eat too much at lunch there is plenty of room for my potentially overstuffed stomach. So practical, I am!


Dirty Laundry

Time to clean out the camera phone. TOO many pictures! Might as well air my dirty laundry here (well it was actually clean laundry until Ebs decided to hop in the basket and "help")

Sometimes when I'm getting ready to go out and can't decide if my outfit looks a) cute b) slightly ridiculous or c) call the fashion police bad...I just snap a little picture and sendaroo it over to Sister. (Blurring and weird expressions are mandatory. Streaky mirror, too.)

Speaking of sisters, these pups, Kodi and Lucy, belong to two branches of our family friends. They wrestle like UFC fighters and while Lucy is smaller she won in takedowns this weekend 8 to 0. The girl has game.

I swear Ebbie knows when The Boy is coming over...she waits anxiously at the door. I think someone has a crush.

Lettie Bumpkins came to visit and her sister made coconut pancakes for brunch. Sounds weird but don't knock 'em until you've tried 'em. I'm a believer.

And now I want pancakes.


Old lady moment: What IS that thing?

The college freshman I was sitting next to for a scholarship luncheon my office hosted turned to me and pointed. "What IS that thing," she asked, scrunching her nose at the indiscernible hunk of plastic sitting.

"It's a Polaroid camera."

"Oooooh," she said. "That's what those look like!" Assuming she had grown up under a rock I smiled patronizingly until the two girls next to her leaned in to see the object in question.
"Cool! How does it work," one asked.
The other said, "Yeah, I've never seen one of those in real life before." Doing the math in my head I realized they had probably been born in 1990. While giving them a lesson in Polaroid basics, I tried not to feel terribly old and decrepit.



My brain.

My brain on work.

It has been a crazy week and my mind has turned to mush which means I have nothing interesting/clever/humorous/intelligent/witty to say. Oh and also, I wish I could make fried eggs but they always end up sticking funny and don't cook right so then I just mash it up and end up eating them more scrambled than fried. Maybe someday...

(Disclaimer: neither of those pictures is ACTUALLY my brain. I got them from Google Images.)
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