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Night inside-out

Saturday I decided I wanted to stay in, relax, and just be alone. After a crazy night Friday I needed to re-charge and just breathe. I grabbed Australia from a Redbox and decided to stop by Highland Grill for an order of their strawberry french toast to go. Sitting at the bar waiting for my breakfast dinner the hostess said, "You look nice! You must be going out tonight." I laughed and when she looked at me strangely I said, "No, no. This is it. The main event. French toast for dinner, an epic romance movie and a glass of wine." She thought that sounded glorious and even gave me an entire coffee cup full of the homemade fresh mascapone whipped cream on the side for my food. Mmm.

After the food had been eaten and the movie watched I realized I didn't actually want to stay in, relax, and just be alone. I wanted to go out. I wanted to be around people. I had a serious case of ants in the pants. At 11:00 I was so bored I figured I should probably just go to sleep and happened.


An old friend wanted to go grab a drink so in about 30 seconds flat I had changed out of my sweats and was out the door. You couldn't even tell I had been a bum with a cat on my lap all night. We had a great time laughing, catching up, and making friends with our awesome waitress. And I couldn't have been happier that my night had turned from inside to out.
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Andhari said...

SOUNDS LIKE A FUNNNN NIGHTTTT...I get like that too, wanna stay in and chill but during party hours I so want to go out and hit the clubs lol

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