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My mind is ALL over the place so here are is an amalgamation of random snippets:
1) The word amalgamation has been stuck in my head all morning.
2) When I opened the door to the garage this morning a green caterpillar fell directly into the palm of my hand. He is now living on my peony plant.
3) Last night I drank electrified wine. No seriously. It was at a reception at the Bakken Museum and they put an electric charge in it, claiming "that's what Ben Franklin used to do for entertainment before there was MTV."
4) In my parking garage there is a possessed elevator. It just kept opening and closing, dinging over and over on the 2nd floor. My bad knee kind of hates the ghost possessing it, too, because I had to take the stairs. (If I had an elevator at home I wouldn't say that I hate this ghost because it would follow me home and possess that one but I don't have an elevator at home so I think I'm safe.
5) Amalgamation. Amalgamate. Amalgamating. (It's still stuck.)


Sal said...

It is caterpillar SEASON. I've seen so many fuzzy guys recently ...

sara said... get words stuck in your head too. Makes me feel like I'm not so odd that way :)

Andhari said...

Electric wine sounds interesting, does it give you a jolt maybe?

Savvy Mode SG said...

now you are going to get the word into my head for the rest of the day too. : )

WoWo said...

1) why on EARTH is that word in your head
2) don't caterpillars eat plants? MAy be he should relocate. They eat apples, plumbs, umm other stuff too - you can refer to the Very Hungry Caterpillar book for specifics.
3) May be that's why your brain was MIA today? Incidentally - I am now wishing I wasn't with child so I could experiment with electrified wine. It sounds fun to me.
4) I hope the ghost doesn't get mad at you for being a hater and decide to posess something else. Like your ceiling fan.

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