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Last night I decided I was going to do a somewhat serious post about civil rights protests and the possible extinction of killer whales but it is the kind of morning where my mood is wavering between tears and wanting to throw something (damn hormones) so instead I'm going to share a story of my ridiculousness.
Every week in my kindergarten class, er, graduate lecture we have two informal speakers: a reflection leader and a wrap-up leader. The reflection leader gets up at the beginning of our 5 hours together, gives a little schpeil and leads a discussion about the previous class. The wrap-up leader talks at the end of lecture and discusses the class that has just finished. (If you're thinking that we redundantly reflect twice on each class you are quite correct).
A few days ago I got an email from our TA titled "Wrap-up for class confirmation: April 22nd." Of course I did not actually read this email but I figured all relevant information was in the title, right? Wrong. In the email she said she was emailing to confirm that I was to be the reflection leader but since I didn't actually read that...whatever. She contradicted herself. It isn't my fault...
Fast forward to last night. I showed up thinking I had the next 5 hours to mentally prepare for my cute little speech. When the professor said AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, "Caley, are you ready to come up and lead us in a reflection," my eyes bugged out and I almost choked on the cheese and crackers someone had brought for our kindergarten class, er, graduate lecture snack.
I stuttered something about thinking I was the wrap-up leader but that I'd be MORE than happy to reflect on last week's lecture. Oh wait, did I mention that I snuck out half way through class last week? Apparently I pulled it off pretty well though because later during break approximately 17 people congratulated me and said, "That was awesome. Can you teach me how to not prepare like that?"
Let me know if you'd like to sign up for a free online seminar. Classes will be held weekly but be warned: I like to play hookey.


insomniaclolita said...

You're awesome. I might have probably frozen just like that and had a panic attack :P

WoWo said...
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Sal said...

Wow, way to act your way out of a tight spot, beautiful!

sara said...

Sign me up! I'll bring the snacks!

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