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Gimme all your money

Sitting at my desk one afternoon I clearly had a lot on my mind (ie do I eat my string cheese snack now or wait another 15 minutes so I'm not starving for lunch?) when out of the corner of my eye I saw a blue uniformed man pulling a cart piled with full, secure bank bags. "Holy crap that is a lot of money," I thought to myself. My next thought was, "That dude has kind of a potbelly. I bet I could take him out but if the elevators are running slowly today (which they almost always are by the afternoon) I'd totally get busted waiting in the foyer."

By the time I had finished playing out this little tackle and run scenario the rent-a-cop had passed by my cube so I let go of my get rich quick scheme and hit print on the document I had been writing. Turning the corner to the printer I almost ran smack-dab into the chest of the rent-a-cop and my eyes were directly level with the badge that said, "Document Security." Yeah, apparently those bags were filled with papers to be securely shredded, not money.
There goes my robbery dream, up in smoke.

(Picture from Google Images)


Kristie said...

Hahahaha! I love it. I can just imagine the thoughts that went through your head when you saw that they were documents not money...dreams crushed. Thanks for the laugh!

Mykala said...

Does the headline of the newspaper in the image say "Toro"?!


Cal said...

Oh man that is super weird! I didn't even notice that! Good catch...haha!

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