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G-chat giggles

Grandma Doris recently entered the world of technology. Over the past few months she has been recieving gmail tutorials from Katie, who drives up the coast every few weeks to visit Grandma in Ventura. While she has gotten quite good at sending and reading emails she hadn't quite figured out how to respond in a chat box. Us grandkids decided it was too confusing to explain on the phone so I promised to teach her when I visit over Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I said, she could just enjoy our little messages when they popped up and know we were online thinking of her at that very moment.
The other day I sent her a quick g-chat message when I saw her onling, just saying hi. All of a sudden I got a response! I was shocked! Aunt Dorene was over for dinner and figure it out. She passed the lesson along and now, Grandma knows how to g-chat. "Miracle of miracles," she said. "Can you just believe this?"
Then, today, she popped online during my lunch hour and I told her Paul and Katie were around too! Paul was napping in the library in London and Katie was eating her mid-morning snack at work in LA. We all said hi to her and I think it made her week. "Caley I am giggling too hard to type!" To Paul she said, "Katie came on too and now I am laughing out loud for real!" Jumping from box to box she occasionally 'lost' one of us but as a whole she did a great job for her first time talking to more than one person at once.
After about ten minutes of chatting we must have worn her out because mid conversation she said "BYE." I told her, "Shhh, Grandma, capital letters mean you're yelling!" She said she just about fell out of her chair laughing at the thought of someone yelling on the computer.
I have a feeling she can't wait to tell everyone at her bridge game about her morning of g-chat giggles.


Nick McGivney said...

That's a lovely story to start my day. Blogging and online bridge are mere clicks away. Go Gannie go!

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