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Ebbie does exist

Since there was recently some discussion as to the lack of stories about Ebbie on here, I thought I would post some proof that I do indeed have a cat. I couldn't resist adding pictures of some of my favorites peoples' favorite pets.

Ebony Fifi Manlolo (aka Ebbie) makes me laugh. A lot. Like when she plays on my bed, loses her balance and falls backward. Ok, I know it sounds cruel but I promise it is funny. See?
Plus, after she falls, and yes it happens fairly often, she always pops right back up and tries to act all nonchalant like nothing happened. Almost funnier than the fall.
Another one of her favorite tricks? Turning herself into a cat burrito. Sometimes Sister gets company at work from lady Bella, the french bulldog, who waits very patiently for an opportunity to snatch up her treat. Sister also had the pleasure of bringing Daisy DePierro to work with her when she was a baby. Convenient that she didn't take up much more room than the basic office supplies. One of Daisy's favorite pastimes is cuddling with her big sister, Sashie. Cuddling must be a "Daisy" thing because Mentor Pam's kitten Daisy's favorite thing to do is hang out with her brother, Spike. Daisy is the brains of the operation while Spike is pretty sure his full name is either "Spike NO" or "Spike stop-you'll-hurt-yourself." They (usually) manage to stay out of the way of their chaperone, the grown up cat Monkey.

And finally, one last video. This may explain part of why making the bed is such a challenge for me on a regular basis.

(Ebbie pictures and videos by me...sorry about the quality, they are from my cellphone. Other pictures courtesy of Sister and Mentor Pam)


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