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Healthy Changes

Its time kids. Bleck. Diet? Not so much. Just a healthier menu, I'd say. I've stocked up on cereal, yogurt, fruits, veggies...all good stuff but sometimes a girl just craves things. Like popcorn. Icecream. CHEESE. All in moderation though, right?

In other news, I'm practically on break after Thursday's classes. Only three juvenile delinquency classes and one Catholic studies. Of course since I'm going to have a bunch of free time to hang out and do fun stuff Andy will be out of town. At least he isn't going anywhere fun or particularly exotic....just Ohio with the basketball team.

Apparently it is time for me to clean my room. I don't know why it is so important that I be able to see the floor...just kidding. At this point, even I can admit its a bit out of hand. Ok, fine. Totally and completely ridiculously out of hand. Here I go. Lets hope I make it out ok and the mess doesn't somehow swallow me.
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Housekeeping on Facebook

So I decided it is time to delete some things that have been written on my facebook wall but some of them are so classic I feel they need to be preserved somewhere so here we go....finally utilizing this blog after how long? Yea...

Mykala wrote
at 12:34pm March 4th, 2005

THE BIG MAC IS MY FREAKIN' ADVISOR NOW!!! The following is a letter I wrote to God last night:

Dear God,
Please let the Big Mac still have a mullet.
Thank you,
Nick wrote
at 3:04am March 5th, 2005

This is your long lost lover, sorry its been so long but better late than never. We might as well have been dating since we know so much about each other(including that which we wish we didnt know) but reguardless I want you to know that I am a better person for knowing you. You make me think about the actions i make in life and I love you so much for it and always will.
Lucas wrote
at 9:00pm March 9th, 2005

What up Caley...yeah, i have been hanging out with Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona quite a bit lately. Things are going well...and damn you seem pretty popular....atleast according to your wall messages...well, i'll be seeing ya around...i mean hell, we do share boarders.
- Nevada
Jordan wrote
at 3:38pm April 4th, 2005

i just needed to remind you: it is never appropriate to carwash an obie. the best advice is such that needs continual reminding. that's all... ~Jordan
Tony wrote
at 10:33am May 17th, 2005

i notice your quote says to kiss slowly.......kind of like im doing to your ear in that picture?? BOO YA
Alex Micek wrote
at 11:24pm September 19th, 2005

thank you for helping me meet my girlfriend!

now they will be preserved for posterity. amen.
:end sidenote
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