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"You can't stop the world...

"Sit back and let it ride." Thank you, Nicholas Sean. Best advice I've gotten in a while...well, other than the conversation Andy and I had last week where he called me out on just about every major issue going on in my life right now and then solved pretty much all of the world's problems (and by the world I mean me.) sidenote: he has given me his word he will be here tomorrow afternoon. i gave him mine i wouldn't worry about how he was going to pull that off when it is 1230 and he hadn't even started packing at midnight. :end sidenote
John called my house tonight, chatted with me for a bit, invited me on a ride along and hung up only to call back two minutes later when he said, "Lady Caley, you stole my heart earlier. I completely forgot I had actually called to talk to your dad but when you unexpectedly answered the phone it was all over for me."
Dad is cooking me bacon and pancakes tomorrow morning before I go to work because he is going to be out of town all week.
You know, sometimes the men in your life really pull through. This looks like one of those times.
:end sidenote


Jenny Rose from Tulsa, Oklahoma

We have confirmation, folks. Jenny Rose from Tulsa, Oklahoma is NOT a freshman. It isn't like Nikki, Collette or I have anything against freshman. On the contrary, Collette and I were freshman orientation leaders once. We ate slept breathed freshman. None of us just really want to live with freshman. Heck, I couldn't even live with freshman when I was a freshman, if we all remember that room juggling circus. Anyway, Jenny is going to be a junior even though she would have been a senior at Oklahoma State. English major...waitresses in at a dry cleaners...went to UST freshman year...things are looking good. She has no family in the area which actually makes my mom ecstatic because I now have two out of state roommates for her to mother. Who knows who is bringing what...we plan on doing inventory and then making a massive Ikea run before classes start. Mmmm....Ikea.
:end sidenote


Protect Your...Moles?

This weekend something happened to me that I can hardly believe so I will understand if you don't believe it either (Mike O'Rourke is definately a skeptic and he was there).
I was at the cabin, floating in the lake, half on and half off of the raft when I felt something sharp on my leg. Shaking it off I thought it must have been a prickly piece of seaweed or something like that. It happened again in the exact same spot. That's odd, it almost felt like something biting me. Naw, couldn't be...then it happened again. And again. It definately felt like a fish was nibbling at the mole on my leg. Then that fish did more than nibble, it chomped. CHOMPED I tell you. A scream slipped out and I vaulted back onto the raft, almost pushing Megan into the water with the carnivorous mole eating fish. It bit me so hard I was bleeding, no joke. Moral of the story? Actually, I think I'm still to traumatized to decipher it...
:end sidenote



ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I almost died in this storm and all they can say about the weather is "heavy thunderstorms and rain"? I saw six trees down and one fell on a parked car on the street I was driving on at the time.
Plus, I worried Andy.
Worst night ever? No, far from it, but I still feel- icky.
:end sidenote


It's a zoo out there

When I got home tonight there were two green frogs, a toad, four massive spiders, and two giant moths outside my front door.
I love frogs. Toads too. The rest I could have done without.
:end sidenote


Iowa: it happens

True enough kids, it does. The question is whether or not it should...

Did you know that there is a store called Yonkers in Iowa? 'Cause there is.

Did you know that I am an unbelievably horrible waitress? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I am.

Did you know I keep waking up with scratches from the zipper on my pillowcase? I definately do.

This weekend I became someone's "new friend Sam." How much do I love Garden State? So much. Speaking of weekends...I wish it was the weekend, again. The annual O'Rourke/Conney weekend up at the cabin is happening in a mere four days and then a week after that Annie Fochtman and I are driving to our favorite little Summit Avenue-esque neighborhood in all of Wisconson- yes, Shorewood.
About 10 minutes ago I decided that I might not make it the through the next month until I move into Selby. September 2nd...can I do it? If I never post again you'll know the answer to that question is no.
:end sidenote
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