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My dad and I just made pickles. Mason jars...boiling water...dill, cucumbers, mustard seeds, peppercorn (all fresh from the farmer's market)...I felt a bit like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Does anyone actually can things anymore? Other than us that is...
Yesterday might have been the worst day ever but it is over, even if I'm not quite over it.
Apparently I might go to Iowa tonight?!? Who knows. We shall see what the day brings.
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"Oh where...

...Oh where has our Caley gone,
Oh where, oh where can she be?
With her love for olives and her great taste in cookies,
Oh where, oh where can she be?"

Ok, ok, Jonas. I will post. Later today. After I go to Dixies on Grand and try to actually waitress on my own for the first time ever. Not gonna lie, I kinda suck. Pray for those poor people who choose my section...may God bless 'em.
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