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Lilydale Tennis and Fitness Club

This is one thing I do not understand about Lilydale: people are vicious in that parking lot. I've been cut off by old guys in mercedes, glared at by moms in lexus suvs...all looking for a parking spot a little bit closer to the door. You are at a fitness club! Walk the extra 15 feet! Think of it this way, you pay for all of the equipment, pools, and courts inside but any working out you do outside is free. Take advantage of that and stop being snotty in the parking lot.
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Since 15 days ago... much has happened I will not even try to talk about all of it.
I worked, worked, and worked at Padelford and when I wasn't working at Padelford, I was working at UST or working out. Yes, me. Working out. Still. I know. Hard to believe.
Then, Sunday, there was a break in the work clouds. Carissa invited the girls (which apparently includes me these days) out to her parents house in Eagan for a pool party and we had an AMAZING time. Games, ping-pong, and swimming at midnight. Met lots of cool people and woke up the next morning with the clothes I had left by the pool- in the pool. Megan Mack claims that is what happens when everyone goes to sleep early and the Eagan boys are left to their own devices.
Later this week I went with Megan O to two different beaches on the St Croix and made a day beachin it. Went to Uptown with Mack, watched Coach Carter with the girls, and then Andy drove from Milwaukee to see me. He showed up at my door with lillies and cheese. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get much better than that. What else could a girl ask for? He just left and this makes me sad so I think I'm going to go eat some of that cheese, smell my flowers, and take a nap.
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Duck on my car

So my day started out with a duck on top of my car, which resulted in a phone call to Andy (I had to share with someone).

After that stellar start...I worked, worked out, and "stopped by" Kevin and Sharla's. By stopped by I mean I showed up unannounced at 3:45 and stayed for six hours playing with the girls, bbq-ing and sitting out by a bonfire.

The day has now ended with Andy calling me to inform me I should actually be in Wisconson camping with him, John and Lindsey instead of at home, in bed, resting up for my shift from hell tomorrow. This call resulted in me waking up enough to talk, and then by the time we hung up I wasn't even sleepy anymore sooooooooooo I got up, made myself some hot milk, and cut my bangs to kill some time until I'm tired again.

Life---is good.
Hot milk is kicking in...
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UST changes

For those of you who haven't been around campus much lately, there have been a few, just a few, changes. Nothing too major but still...enough to startle me when I drove down Summit Avenue on the way to work in Catholic Studies the other day.
First of all, a word to the wise, if you are driving down the alley behind my old house, Common Ground, do NOT speed-no matter how late you are for your job. They have put in speed bumps. This is ridiculous for several reasons. Maybe they should have patched the pavement before putting in brand new, smooth speed bumps that really just add to the potholes already present. Also, they are weird speed bumps. They are small and boxy and, well, just annoying in general. I move out and the neighborhood goes get the idea.
Secondly, I am proud to report the Christ Child building is gone. Finally, that big ugly cement square has been demolished. I don't miss it and neither should you. McNeely is still standing in all of its hideous glory next to the demolition site. The only reason I don't hate McNeely is because that is where I met the Big Mac himself, Dr. Raymond Mackenzie, and became friends with the lovely Miss. M.S. Lind. Not gonna lie, having to deal with Young Ok-An almost in the same structure almost cancels out the good memories...but not quite.
Made my first ever purchase on ebay yesterday...details to follow.
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Maintenance Day

Recipe for a maintenance day on the Showboat:
Take 4 crew members and make them show up at the Padelford's equivalent to the butt crack of dawn (9:00am).
Add 1 crabby crew chief.
Spend a few hours power washing, scrubbing and drying the massive decks but be sure that when you're finished it doesn't look like you've cleaned at all.
Mix in stacks of chairs that have been left to collect dirt, cobwebs, and dead bugs on the back of the boat (be sure they haven't been moved since the boat was built three years ago.)
Move the chairs off the boat to the dock.
Note: only use two crew members for the following steps, this way it will take far longer.
Load them in a truck and drive them to the other end of the levy.
Unload chairs.
(Repeat the last 3 steps 2 more times.)
Wash all of the chairs thoroughly (don't forget, they must be the most disgustingly dirty chairs you have ever seen).
Rinse. Repeat.
Carry half of the chairs onto the boat and take the remaining chairs to the attic of the storage shed.
Remove old chairs from the boat.

Be sure to do all of these steps in direct sunlight on a 90 degree day without sunblock.

At the end of the day you should have 1 amazing sunburn, 1 new interesting friend, 1 crabbier crew chief, 8 hours worth of pay, multiple scrapes/bruises/dirty shirts, and the feeling of a job well done.
(Success with this recipe may vary on the boat, day, and crew involved.)
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On the drive there I had to pull over to wait out one of the worst storms of my life. On the way home there was a rainbow. The 24 hours in-between were filled with everything I needed and more than I expected.
Moral of the story? Do what feels right, even if it seems crazy. Just go...hit the road, do what you've gotta do.
Now: back to the real world. Work tomorrow...and the next day, and the next day, and the day after that, and the following day, and the next two days and....
...and I'm spent. Time for a shower and bed.
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Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide
-Howie Day

This might be the most impulsive, irrational thing I have ever done.
Going, going, gone...
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Strange Dreams

So just the other day I told someone that I don't often remember my dreams, although I do remember nighmares fairly regularly. Of course, for the next two nights I had the weirdest dreams....
Dream # 1
My house got broken into and everything in the basement was trashed or stolen but nothing upstairs was touched. For some reason I had left my purse down there and everything was taken except my blood donor card. My dad was out of town so I ran upstairs to tell my mom who promptly called our family friend, John P. He flew in from Eagan and landed the helicopter on the side patio of our house and people started filing in through the sliding glass doors. John was first followed by Jimmy Fallon and a whole string of other famous people wearing black suits (not Men in Black style, more like dressed for a funeral...) but sadly I cannot remember the others' names. The rest gets muddled but there was some sort of conference in the kitchen, my dad called to say he was in the drive way, and...?
Dream # 2
I was in a huge, old, vaulted library with big stone walls and windows almost from the floor to the ceiling. After wandering around for a while I found that I was carrying a baby girl, probably about 2 months old, in my arms. She was sleeping and there was a lot of noise coming from downstairs so I went to investigate to see who was responsible and found that Bon Jovi was having a concert in one of the conference rooms (which was really more like an auditorium). In the entryway/great hall people were streaming in to watch the concert and who showed up but the nuns from my high school, the Convent of the Visitation. They stopped to talk to me and a lot of other people I knew showed up too but everyone seemed to think the baby was mine and kept whispering "What a shame, she is so young..." and things like that. No one would believe me that it was Christina Crow's baby (which it was) and that I was just babysitting (which I was). The baby was hungry and I didn't have a bottle and couldn't find Christina (one of UST's hall chaplins) but then Mrs. "D" the campus minister at Vis showed up and for some reason had a diaper bag for her 5 year old daughter Cally filled with everything I needed. Then...?

Its so frustrating when dreams have no resolution. Last night I was right in the middle of a really good dream when Leah Strand called my cell phone at 9:00am to ask me to come in to work at Catholic Studies today. The wake up was so abrupt that I remember nothing from the dream. BOO. Oh to work, work, and more work.
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