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The forecast for today: 50/35, partly cloudy. Friday: 50/35, partly cloudy. Saturday: 50/35, partly cloudy. Sunday: 50/35, partly cloudy. Monday: (are you ready for this? they mix it up a little bit here...)54/35, partly cloudy. Seriously how do they come up with these things?
My new addiction is Mint Milano cookies. Fyi, if you are going to buy them don't go for the 2 for $5 deal at Lunds. Target has them 2 for $4. The container says a serving size is two cookies...about that...
Today I was given a Pope Benedict 16 pin by a seminarian in my class. SJV is throwing a Benedict Blast all afternoon with bratwursts, german shepherds, and a sweet 16 volleyball tournament. Oh SJV boys...priceless.
Collette and I just got home from our weekly Target run. No worries, we successfully found silver nail polish.
Guster concert tomorrow, dance on Saturday, community dinner is good, even though its cold.
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busy busy bee

Sometimes I get too busy living to write about life. Oh well. The lovely weather has been, well, lovely. I think the fact that for most of six years and then a solid four more of my life I wore skirts every day to school has become embedded in who I am because I love wearing skirts. I wish I could wear them all year long. Lots of times, I feel more comfortable in them than in jeans. Weird? Yes. Last night I got nine hours of sleep which is practically unheard of for a weeknight during school but hey, I'm just going to embrace it. Pretty sure I have the coolest guardian angel ever or something to that affect because last night I set my alarm for 8:27pm instead of 8:27am as I had intended but this morning I woke up from my sleep of the dead and sat bolt upright at (dun dun dun) exactly 8:27. At this point you may either be thinking "Wow, that is so cool, someone really must be watching out for her!" or "Why in the world did she purposely set her alarm for 8:27 and not something normal like 8:30?" Well, first of all, I am not normal. Secondly, I have a thing about not setting my alarm to go off at one of the traditional alarm increments of time like _:30, or :45 for example. Why is this? No clue. Maybe its genetic and I have no control over it the way that I prefer to sit down to eat facing the door just like my father, a fact I recently discovered when we ate breakfast at the St. Clair Broiler...mmm. breakfast food. Anyway, we went to sit down and stood there bickering about who got to sit on the side of the booth that faced the door. I thought it was going to be a stalemate until I remembered he was the one with the money so I sat on the other side to keep him happy. I mean, I love him so much that I was willing to sacrifice and...yea. no.
off to struggle through staying awake for Dr. Briel's class! I usually manage pretty well....better than all the seminarians combined, I'd say. Oh seminarians...
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megan o, oh oh

There's nothing quite like playing phone tag with your best friend of 15 years for an entire week and then finally connecting to chat. Seriously, it was alone I think we trade, what was it, Meg, four calls? It was well worth the wait though. Even though we don't get to talk very often and when we do it tends to take much planning we still manage to completely get each other. Wonderful.
sidenote: i think ice would help with the immediate pain but heat would be better for the aching...just a thought. :end sidenote
I'm lucky to have a friend that gets me like that and who I get too. Plus, you should see us bartend together. Its ridiculous... its like those choreographed fights in the Matrix that at their base are just elaborate dances. They even did a story about us in the paper once. thats how amazing we are. alright, i think thats all i have to say right now cuz i'm exausted...the storm last night tried to come in my window and eat me and i'm still recovering so its time for bed.
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3rd floor, the place to be

Oh the library...I actually finished my study guide (all but the essay part) and my test isn't until tomorrow night at 5 so I feel totally justified in not doing any more right now. C'mon...its hot and muggy in here and, well, I just don't want to. Andrew, on the other hand, has been procrastinating ever since we got here an hour and a half ago and hasn't gotten anything done. He hasn't even managed to finish eating the chocolate chip cookie I brought him. Tsk tsk tsk...
It has been a fun and busy weekend, hence the lack of posts. Friday I went to lunch at Chipotle (it had been too long, really), home to do laundry, to the mall with my momma where i bought some AMAZING shoes and pants, then got cleveland wok takeout, went to the t-wolves game, and ended up chillin at Rutz's where an improptu blues jam ended the night on a good note (pun not intended). Saturday I had breakfast/lunch with the boys at the grill...they all got the same thing: a burger w/fries, a yogurt, and a "snack pack" of two hard boiled eggs. I get the feeling they do that on a fairly regular basis...A lazy afternoon was spent with Collette and we realized (once again) as we lounged around doing homework, cutting up clothes and cleaning my room that next year is goign to be amazing. Took a nap and woke up hungry so it was off to Axel's with the parents and then stopped by Rutz's (again) but was so tired i barely made it an hour before going home to crash with One Tree Hill on in the background. I was awakened several times in the middle of the night by phoneo calls but not rudely...rather sweetly actually. hmm.
Home AGAIN this morning for some fam bonding time and ANOTHER new phone...screw cingular. We celebrated Greg's last night working at Old Chicago with some good food and he even called later to tell me he is bringing me a surprise that is "pretty hot." see if you can guess it....
Time for a walk yet? We shall see how far Andrew Jacob has gotten...
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Great Role Models

Apparently that is what Cat and I are. As we left Sitzmann Hall this morning we cut the corner and began crossing Cleveland two or maybe three feet outside of the crosswalk. We saw a lady turning in a white Land Rover that did not look like she was going to stop so we paused and as she sped by us she screeched, "Thanks for being such a great role model for my kids" while motioning to the child in the backseat. Of course we burst out laughing and Cat said, "There's something off about her needing random college students on the side of the road to be role models for her children..." I'm SURE the woman wasn't being facetious because we are totally good role models.
Our hammock is up! It must be spring.
I am regularly being referred to as the sunshine state. I like this nickname. Feel free to pick it up in its entirety or just sunshine would work, I think.
Yesterday I ran into the wonderful Mr. Matt Molko in the lower quad as I was walking to our final Campus Ministry in-service. He complained that he never gets to talk to me anymore because I am always running off somewhere so I proceeded to sit down in the middle of the sidewalk and we had a lovely cross-legged chat.
Andrew is asking if he can contribute to this blog but its just not going to happen. Considering the complemetary away messages he tends to give This is off limits. Sorry!
Off to see Constantine. Hasta.
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daylight losings

I refuse to call it daylight savings when I lose an hour of sleep. Did you know the time change doesn't actually happen at midnight but after 1:59? Matt Incorvia explained to me why. I don't feel like explaining so if he does he can go right ahead. :)
Yesterday I watched two hawks circling over the Mississippi River while Tori Amos's new song, "Sleeps With Butterflies," played on the radio in my car. It was one of those moments that feels completely choreographed like scene from a movie with the perfect background music. Wish you could have seen it...
When I cleaned my room Friday (I even swept and yes, I know I keep saying that but I'm quite proud of myself) I found gift cards to just about every important establishment in St. Paul: Cub, Target, Best Buy, Blockbuster, was glorious. I should clean more often.
The Easter Bunny brought me some white chocolate in my basket. Now I just have to be careful not to be dumb and hoard it for so long that it goes bad like I usually do when I get good white chocolate. Its just that sometimes the idea of it and the anticipation are just as enjoyable as the consumption itself and I get so caught up in looking forward to eating it that I never quite make it to actually eating it in time. Hmm. I wonder if this could be applied to more practical situations...possibly. Collette, can you think of a white chocolate situation in my life right now? (Notice how I include you in as many posts as possible so I can make your day?)
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Pope John Paul II 1920-2005

"We all feel like orphans this evening." -Undersecretary of State Archbishop Leonardo Sandri

For those of us under the age of forty, John Paul II was the only pope we ever really knew. For a surprisingly large number of us, he was the only pope we ever met or saw in person. For virtually all of us, he was the singular face of the Catholic Church during our adult lives. We measured our lives with him by decades.

He was the pope of our lives. He loved us. We loved him.

We heard the sound of his voice often, and even now, in the silence, we cannot forget it. May his words, "Be not afraid! Come to Christ!" echo in our ears when our breathing, too, becomes thin and our flesh fails us.
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"The angels welcome you." -Vatican TV
"Let perpetual light shine on him and let him repose in peace." -Cardinal Angelo Sodano
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