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Invisible Ink

Miss Mykala Lind has come up with a brilliant idea: assignments written with invisible ink. What do you think  the head of the Catholic Studies department and my professor oh and the general editor for the book about which this assignment will be written, will say when I turn in my paper and tell him it is done in invisible ink? Please, predict his reaction and I will tell you if your prediction was accurate tomorrow at approximately 3:17pm after Catholic Vision is over.
So I've decided pretty much all I did in California was eat and shop. Oh and there was the time Joey thought I was going to die and then I thought I was going to die. My cell phone is covered in flowers and I am wearing jewelry today.
Neither Jen nor I were in the best of moods today and we traded off taking naps. I covered the morning shift and she did the afternoon shift. While she slept I cut my hair because it was being, whats the word, difficult? Not quite strong enough but it'll do.
Collette got to go to the zoo today. I'm jealous. Good thing we're hanging out this weekend, otherwise I might hold a grudge. Nemo, Chinese food and gold stilletos here we come!
Tiff thinks my backpack, not to be confused with my messenger bag, looks like a seminarian's. I got nothin.
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Caley in Cali

You'd be amazed how many people say that to me as if I've never heard it before. Believe it or not, I get it ALL THE TIME. I really am in Cali right now though...looking out at the Catalina Islands off the coast in the Pacific Ocean...sun shining, palm trees...Mexican food...
I'm in Ventura at my grandparents for a bit until I go to see my sister tomorrow. They are wonderful people and are constantly making me shake my head. Grandma can go off on a tirade about obesity in the United States at the drop of the hat. Its unbelievable how worked up she gets about it. Grandpa on the other hand gave me a lecture this morning on how to save time using the microwave by hitting 55 seconds instead of 60 since then you don't have to make the effort of moving your finger from the 6 to the 0. Neither of them were positive that this Sunday was Easter...they just couldn't remember.
The three Blackburn girls are in town staying with the three Posey girls and they are all just adorable. From age 3 to 11 they stairstep in age and could not be cuter if they tried. Tonight there is a taco party at Aunt Ellie-bob's and Uncle Joe-bob's house and everyone will be there. Chaos will inevitably ensue.
In two days I read a 400 page book that was not assigned for any of my classes. It was bliss. What can you expect from a girl when her mother gives her the new book out (Vanishing Acts) by her favorite author (Jodi Picoult)?
I'm out. Time to learn how to make Grandma's world famous cornbread. Mmmm.
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A Spring Break Convo

The following was an online conversation through AIM with one of my dear friends who is gone for spring break with some of his friends. It is amazing. You may want to sit down for this one (if you aren't already which you should be if you're at a computer which you must be if you're reading this post right? right.)

him: i drunak a beer in honor foyou at teh club we wera t
me: thank you. only 11 more to go right?
him: holy noly that is a lot
me: i deserve a 12pack
him: i'm coinmg home tomorrow
me: why?
him: that asw thate plan
him: today for gbreaksfast ;i hada screwdriver
him: for the OJ
me: you're pretty.
me: ok i have to pack for california now
him: adios@!

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St. Patrick's Day has come and gone.

Midterms are over and I don't even want to think about grades for a I won't!
Right now I have all my laundry sorted and ready to go but am a bit of a standstill as Cat got priority on the washer and dryer since she leaves tomorrow for Rome and I don't leave for California until Monday. My only plans today were to do laundry but now I've just been waiting around all day for Megan to get back from Grinnell so we can play. We're having a total girls night and I can't wait. Hurry up, Megan! Screw bad roads from the snow...speed your butt back to the Twin Cities. I'm waiting.
Earlier this week I went to Ragstock with Miss Jordan Bauer. We bought obies. They are amazing. I went back and bought more. The things that can be done with them! Shirts, purses, pillows, belts...the possibilities are endless. For those of you who do not know what an obie is (and no Steph Vaske, they aren't dirty), it is the piece of cloth wrapped around the waist of a kimono. Why are these sold at the Ragstock on University? I have no idea. Just embrace it. I have.
My heritage is Italian and American mutt. Half of me hails from Italy and the other half is such a mixture of different things I can't even begin to list all of them but I'm pretty sure there is no Irish in me, however, on Thursday if you had asked me I would have been positive there is. This year was definately the most fun St. Patrick's day ever (note: no abbreviation.) from a lovely afternoon nap to watching the OC at Fargo's house, running into some really random people, trying to go to Davani's five minuts after it closed, cooking eggs at midnight, changing facebook profiles at 3am, and 8:15 class the next was a good day.
Monday I leave for California and before you say it yes, I am aware that that means Caley will be in Cali. Can we move on now? Grandma has already started baking. Grandpa is buying me burritos Monday. Katie is cooking up plans for the second half of the week. Life will be good. It is already good but it will be good there too.
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just some lyrics?

Trouble -Dave Matthews
Don't you see
That in your bed
I find no sleep
I confess you came because of me
Trouble get behind me now
Trouble let me be

Cold wet stone
Deep river bed
Once so clean and clear now runs red
You know to well
Was me that called you here
Trouble get behind me now
Trouble let me be

Oh sweet day
Leave me behind
I will never call on you
Until the day I die
Pray your mercy shine on me
Pray your mercy shine

Here I stand
Head bowed for thee
My empty heart begs you
Leave me be
But I confess
You know too well
That I have fallen
Pray your mercy give to me
Pray your mercy shine
Trouble ??
Trouble thee
Let your mercy shine

Cold wet stone
River deep and red
Your cold heart beats inside my head
You know too well
It was me that brought you here
Ohhh trouble get behind me now
Trouble let me be
I pray your mercy shine on me
Trouble let me be"

Hmmmmm....thats all i've got.
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Today was full of yummy things.
Bekah showed up to philosophy with a steamer just for me.
A friend and I had one of those psychic " was just going to say that!" moments that I love so much.
Tiffany made me laugh.
There was leftover Davanni's pizza that warmed up just right without the cheese hardening.
At noon I got to take an unrushed hot shower with no one else getting ready in the bathroom at the same time and no knocks on the door interrupting.
Chris was here for lunch, just like always...habit can be comforting.
The doorbell rang and it was a "delivery" for me even though I never get anything "delivered" to the house.
My milk was so cold it almost gave me a headache which is the only way to go unless it is burning hot.
Killed some time in lovely, random stops around MHC.
Got out of class early.
Enjoyed some darkness.
Made a tough decision...well, four tough decisions, and did it without any fights between us housemates.
T-bell and Asian Plum Green Tea with Nordy and Andy.
The end of a good movie.
Warm sheets straight out of the dryer onto the bed with me.
:end sidenote
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