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a lil letter

Dear God,
Lettie would like to go home. I would like a slushy from Dairy Queen. I don't feel that either of these requests are too big to honor. Please consider them. Thank you.
Caley Jennifer

I am sick. The doctor says I don't have mono, menengitis, influenza or strep. She says I'm just sick. Don't you think it is impressive that she went to school for how many years to be able to diagnose me as being sick?
Common Ground interviews for next year's residence are going on right now and I'm missing them. This makes me sad on the inside.
Collette and I are already planning for the weekend. Not sure if that is healthy or not considering it is only Monday but since the whole healthy thing is pretty much already shot to....
Sister called me Friday night in the middle of the night to have some sister talk and we still haven't connected again. I'm worried about her but at least I'll be out there in a month to get the DL in person.
Alright, bath time!
:end sidenote



My jacket zippers and I have not been getting along lately. The pull on the one on my grey peacoat broke off which takes talent because it was metal. My black one keeps getting caught on the fabric on the way up or down at least once everytime I use it.
I talked to Gma Doris today to tell her the dates of when I'm flying out to California so I can see her while I'm out there. She told me they sounded "plu perfect." Yes, she knows that is a verb tense. She uses it as an adjective anyway, just because she likes the sound. Maybe I only find this amusing and endearing because I'm an English major and she is my grandma...
Mom's surgery went really well and I got to spend the day with her which was nice. It made me worry less about her to actually see her for a while.
Saw "Ray" last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I snagged the Ray Charles cd Andy had checked out from the music resource center and have been enjoying that as well.
I'm on a lime kick. Hint of lime tortilla coke with lime...whats next? Maybe actual lime instead of synthetic flavoring...
I ran into my---ex-roommate-(?)-old roommate-(?)-former roomate-(?)---err...this girl I used to live with last year and she complimented my curly hair. It was sweet. I appriciated it.
Tonight I was going to go bowling. Trying to get 11 hours of sleep won out, but not by much...but since I'm staying in I might as well crash now anyway. rawr. Thats how I feel about the situation.
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cubes, ketchup, and comfort

Who knows why this gives me so much joy but I can't tell you how happy it makes me to open the freezer, grab the icecube tray, and have it be full of perfectly formed icecubes. Maybe its because it happens so rarely. So often it only has one or two mini-cubes and the other tray is empty on the counter. Regardless of the reason its true, I love full icecube trays.
Steve Villa shoveled our sidewalks which made walking from my car into the house yesterday morning in high heels much less painful than earlier walks in the snow were. He is a saint.
Wally had a brother. Or a sister. Any name suggestions, Lettie?
Friday night Andy and I babysat my cousin Madeline who is four. While we were playing with her hermit crab, Crabby, she told us, "I like how it feels when he walks on my hand but when he goes up my arm it feels like ketchup." Ok....
The floor in my room is visible. This is good. My laundry still hasn't been done. This is not good.
A conversation between housemates:
"I liked it 'You're not my pocket monkey.'"
"No no, 'I'm not your puppet monkey.'"
"Same difference."
Comfort food is a strange thing. How do certain foods just automatically soothe some people and not others? There are probably even people who hate the same food that to me is comforting. Matt Incorvia believes chocolate chip pancakes can solve any problem. Homemade nachos and burritos calm me down. Maybe I'll go make some right now. Not because I need to be calmed. Just because.
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Good things

Things that make me happy:
Phantom of the Opera's music
Grandma Doris who sent me a note that said "Enclosed is your Valentine gift-I'm too cheap to buy cards" and $20 which makes no sense...
Katie and Paul both getting promotions/raises at their jobs
not having a job
funny Tommie/Jonnie t-shirts
pulling a macgyver move with meg mack
homemade apple dumplings in my kitchen
tromping through the snow in open toed high heels...wait, no, that shouldn't be on the list....
cell phone chargers
frozen apple juice
fans. mmm. fans.
chocolate brown boots that don't hurt my feet
70% off sales....with an additional 20% clearance
middle names
the exact same order of food at No. Co. with lettie
steamed milk
a pink silk, sequined lacy tank top
my bed
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don't ask

The rain is like an orchestra to me/Little gifts from above meant to say/Girl, you falling at his feet/Isn't lovely or stunning today/Wait for me
-Rachel Yamagata, i'll find a way

People say she's crazy
She got diamonds on the soles of her shoes
Well that's one way to lose these
Walking blues
Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

She was physically forgotten
Then she slipped into my pocket
With my car keys
She said you've taken me for granted
Because I please you
Wearing these diamonds
-Paul Simon, Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

I remember when you and me mmm how we used to be just good friends
Wouldn't give me none
But all I wanted was some
She's got a whole lot of reasons
She cant think of a single one
That can justify leaving
and he got none but he thinks he got so many problems
Man he got, too much time to waste
His dreams are like commercials
But her dreams are picture perfect and
Our dreams are so related though they're often underestimated
-Jack Johnson, Bubble Toes

I'm bare boned.
DMB, Crash

why am i awake at 5:38 AM you might ask? well, just don't ask because i don't want to know so why would you.
:end sidenote


a few funnies

I find my friends amusing....

caLaLiL42: fine then, be that way
jjirlbeck: i won't
caLaLiL42: are you saying i'm fat
jjirlbeck: are you drinking 1% cuz you think you're fat?
jjirlbeck: cuz you're not.. you could be drinking whole milk if you wanted to

"how'd it go, CJ Joe?"

"i have no girlfriend, i am single, i know not to show my cards until the end of the hand"

"i might make out with more people in 4 hours than i have in my entire life"

"trouble is all relative really"

"I should be a trumpet...and my parents say I don't know what I want to do with my life."

"What is this store? Whores-R-Us?"

"bad news bears"

veggiegirl420 (11:25:48 PM): sleepy time
veggiegirl420 (11:25:53 PM): for you, that is
caLaLiL42 (11:26:00 PM): why?
veggiegirl420 (11:26:08 PM): its late! you are a little kid!
caLaLiL42 (11:28:30 PM): like lucas?
veggiegirl420 (11:28:39 PM): lucas is a baby.
veggiegirl420 (11:28:43 PM): you are just a little kid
caLaLiL42 (11:28:53 PM): but he's older than i am
veggiegirl420 (11:29:13 PM): its all about attitude

Well thats all the random friend quotes I have from the past few days. I think megan won on this round...several times over :)
:end sidenote



My criminal justice professor this semester, Denise, is a very good eraser. When she erases the board she gets every little bit of chalk off so there aren't any remnants from past scribbles to get in the way of reading what she writes. Maloney sucks at erasing the board. Briel---he doesn't really ever write on the board and Steve , well, I'm really not sure about him because he never really has to erase since he has 8 boards to use for notes. It bothers me when there are random markings on the board. I get distracted thinking "I wonder what that used to say...was that line part of an arrow or is it a bracket? What was that circle enclosing?" Maybe I'm just way too easily distracted. Maybe I think too much. It's hard to say...

"You think you know me but you don't, which means you don't know what I can do."

"Overwhelmingly and statistically, the mom breast feeds."

"Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're actin like you're somebody else
Gets me frustrated
Life's like this you
You fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get
And you turnin into
Honestly, you promised me
I'm never gonna find you fake it
No no..."
-Avril Lavigne
I cannot explain why Avril Lavigne is running through my head today...I don't think it has any real relavence to any situations in my life. Its getting old. I need a new song.
The wind is so bitter that my forehead got cold. What does one do for that?

Tiff is in the hospital for her head injury. Bre has viral meningitis. Uncle Jon is still sick and in St. Joseph's hospital. I'm worried about all three....

Thats all the randomness I have in me.
:end sidenote


Mardi Gras Mosquito

I have a mosquito bite on my ankle. It bit me sometime last night...that is weird.
We actually had a successful party here at Common Ground last night. The chili, carrots, turtle cake and german chocolate cate were all wild successes and the pinata will have to become a tradition. We found choir boy this morning, in the microwave with my banana and streamers coming out of his head.
Sometimes the combination of Bekah and I sitting next to each other in Ethics is priceless. Last week he drew a gun on the board and said, "That's a gun, for those of you with no imagination." We added, "...or with too much imagination." (If you had seen the picture....) Today we were talking about animal versus human ways of doing things considering socialization with traditions and he said, "Consider reproduction. Look at how a bunch of neighborhood dogs act when no one is around." Bekah said, "Look at how a bunch of college kids act when no one is around..."
Bekah is getting me lunch today because I'm a saint and ran an errand for her. Mmmm...
So seeing Tyler Hilton on One Tree Hill once again last night prompted a visit to his homepage with my poor concussion ridden housesister Tiff. I thought she needed to laugh and watching his archived random video clips, she did. She also decided I should date him. I agree. I have never felt this way about a celebrity before. Its like I've regressed back to middle school or something. I'd go to his concert if he were here, for sure, and I'd definately scream and jump around like a 7th grader. No lies.
I woke up Andy this morning when I called him and then Jen woke me up from my nap. Justice has been served. Time to dress and greet the day once again.
:end sidenote


surprise me

My roses are still blooming but are starting to get tired. Mom told me I had to give away four of them when she and Dad gave them to me for my birthday because I'm only 20 and two dozen is four too many. I think I've given away those four roses several times over but they are still downstairs in the vase with the rest.
The house smells like garlic from our house dinner at which we had as many different beverages as we did dishes of food.
Turning off the lights and locking the doors I realized that this place is nothing like what I expected it to be but somehow I have still settled in it or, even more likely, it has settled around me.
Now I am going to go to sleep under my canopy because, truly, it is impossible to not feel pretty underneath it.
Lettie, I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. I guess this one is for you...aww.

"Would you like paper or plastic?"
"Paper. No. Plastic. No...I...surprise me."
"Excuse me?"
"Surprise me."
"Ok. Here- you don't get a bag, just carry it all under your arm. You'll be fine."

Thank you, Dan who works at Lunds, for surprising me. For all the years I have never been able to decide and have always said, "Surprise me," he was the first to actually do it. You're right, too. I will be fine.

:end sidenote
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