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"You can't stop the world...

"Sit back and let it ride." Thank you, Nicholas Sean. Best advice I've gotten in a while...well, other than the conversation Andy and I had last week where he called me out on just about every major issue going on in my life right now and then solved pretty much all of the world's problems (and by the world I mean me.) sidenote: he has given me his word he will be here tomorrow afternoon. i gave him mine i wouldn't worry about how he was going to pull that off when it is 1230 and he hadn't even started packing at midnight. :end sidenote
John called my house tonight, chatted with me for a bit, invited me on a ride along and hung up only to call back two minutes later when he said, "Lady Caley, you stole my heart earlier. I completely forgot I had actually called to talk to your dad but when you unexpectedly answered the phone it was all over for me."
Dad is cooking me bacon and pancakes tomorrow morning before I go to work because he is going to be out of town all week.
You know, sometimes the men in your life really pull through. This looks like one of those times.
:end sidenote


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