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What a weekend!
Friday math just didn't happen and instead I went out with my best friend Miss Megan O. We bought the same shirt in different colors...typical us...but hey, it was only $5, what are you gonna do? My favorite part of the afternoon was when my mom called and I asked her, "Can I pick you up anything, Mama?" It would be really funny if I could tell you where we were at that point but its just not going to happen.
Last minute I decided to go see Jorge Moreno on campus. He and his band won the 2003 Grammy for best new Latin artist but sadly since they started an hour late after going to the Minneapolis campus instead of St. Paul there were not very many people still there when they finally took the stage. It did make, however, for a nice intimate concert for those of us there. They encouraged us to dance so about ten of us girls were dancing in the aisle. Later they pulled a few of us up there with them to dance to a song which was interesting...I was self-conscious and unsure of what to do so I pretty much just fake salsa danced and laughed a lot to a song whose only lyrics I can remember were, "Ay Dios, mujer." After the concert the trumpet player asked for my number and wanted to hang out but it seemed shady at best so I gave him the number but to be on the safe side turned off my phone for the evening. Still...I got to dance with a Grammy award winner and got to shoot one down later too. Good times.
Saturday was the day of the dates. My handsome little brother (and by little I mean 16 year old Paul who is at least 4 inches taller than I) was my escort to the wedding of my sister's childhood best friend. I bawled through most of it. Come on, back in the day when she babysat me I used to lock her in the basement until she promised I could have 3 scoops of icecream instead of two...of course I cried.
Kate Boran and I had an exclusive girl's date that had very specific requirements for attendance...thats why we were the only ones there, no one else fit the description well enough to go. We took Cleveland Wok and Snyders by storm.
After getting ready between helping Steve Villa cook pies in the kitchen I was ready to go ("with my war paint on" as Steve said) and left to meet up with Jeff of Jeffdays to watch a movie with him and his roommates before my next date.
Collette was my interm date and we escorted each other to the dance where I finally found my real (and I use the term real loosely here) date. We took pictures, I pinned on his flower, and that was as much as I saw him all night. That's what happens when your date is running the dance....there was an interesting end to the night but its not one I feel good about posting on the internet, even though everyone at the Binz seems to know whats going on more than I do. Come talk to me if you really want to hear about it....
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everything but me...

...that is what i feel like writing about. anything but me because nothing and yet so much has happened in the past two weeks since i wrote that i don't even want to go there. plus, my sister is home so i'm going to go to my home-home and see her so yea, i don't know how that is related to this but here we go! current quotes and convos defining my life.
"Look it up on the MLA CD rome." English professor.
"I think Radka might have been a weight lifter in her last life. Oh Radka."
-a classmate about our math prof.
"Our child will be named Sampson Kemp. Samson because its a cool name and Kemp because if it weren't for the back row of Professor Kemp's Philosophy 115 class the baby would not exist." Tim
"Do you guys have a pet mouse because if you do it just ran out the back door."
-Justice and Peace Studies Prof.
"You can google my noodle." Dr. C. Thompson
"Today in the quad i heard some girl say: 'my parents told me that Santa was Jewish so i couldnt believe in him. omg..."
-Nate's profile
Auto response from Caljen42 (11:33:27 PM): i need comfortable black strappy sandals for saturday...anyone got the hook-up?
PIraNhA280 (11:33:27 PM): I have a very cute pair you could borrow

Friend of Common Ground: Amanda, I love taking showers at Common Ground! I bathe there at least twice a week!
Amanda: Wow, haven't they fixed your shower yet?
Friend of Common Ground: Yeah, but Common Ground's shower, there's nothing like it!
Amanda: Was that your rubber ducky I saw in the tub?
-taken from an email by Ms. Amanda Osheim
CrAzYkala03 (1:57:43 AM): i wish you were an x-ray machine.
"Do not let lack of invitations get in the way of a drunken wedding. Did Columbus have an invitation to America? Did Lewis and Clark have an invitation to the Russian and Spanish lands? Did settlers have an invitation to destroy large Native American tribes? Did Bush have an invitation to Iraq? I think not. Sometimes people do things without invitations. Bottom line. Because of this some people may die. Some people may suffer. Some people may even be out a little more on an open-bar bill than they were expecting. But, these are all risks our American society is willing to take." Claire Violet Jenny Joseph ...go here to see the rest of the blog that i considered so amusing it made my blog...)
Subject: Need someone to work bad
Hi everyone,

I have a big problem i just looked at the schedual today and i am to work
at 5pm but i really really can not work because I am going out tonight with
my girlfriend but cause this is the day we ahve picked as the start of our beutiful relationship and we want to celabrate
that occation. ( a long way of saying it is our Anniversery and see would
be mad if i did not take her out) So if anyone can that would be great
and please call me as soon as possable at 651-214-____ thanks once again
everyone that wants the hours. GM
-an email that made me shake my head and say "oh padelford."
Caljen42 (2:14:35 AM): DO WE KNOW WHO THE HECK KNOWS? jeez. my life is turning into a mary shelley novel.
CrAzYkala03 (2:14:58 AM): oh, caley.
Caljen42 (2:15:22 AM): why read lodore when you have my life?
CrAzYkala03 (2:15:39 AM): so... do you think that's a legit excuse...
CrAzYkala03 (2:15:59 AM): "i know i didn't read, Dr. An... but i talked to caley for like an hour last night..."
Caljen42 (2:16:26 AM): yessss. perfect.
Caljen42 (2:16:33 AM): and since i live my life its even better for to not read.
CrAzYkala03 (2:16:43 AM): congrats.
CrAzYkala03 (2:16:50 AM): it's like you wrote Lodore
CrAzYkala03 (2:16:56 AM): you = mary shelley
Snackbar47 (9:12:06 AM): Caley-bear!!!!!
Auto response from Caljen42 (9:12:07 AM): anyone know where i can get some patience?
Snackbar47 (9:12:07 AM): this font's for you!
Snackbar47 (9:13:05 AM): and yeah - I got no patience for ya
Snackbar47 (9:13:16 AM): but the Big Guy upstairs might be able to hook you up
Snackbar47 (9:13:29 AM): word on the street is He's got a whole stock-pile of the stuff!
Snackbar47 (9:14:14 AM): dang, this font is making me dizzy
Snackbar47 (9:14:29 AM): sowwy
Snackbar47 (9:14:34 AM): if I made you dizzy too
ajmicek (2:04:55 AM): HOLY MUGHTA
ajmicek (2:04:59 AM): HMM, NOT A WORD
Caljen42 (2:05:08 AM): twice. i saw him twice.
ajmicek (2:05:09 AM): well when are the tw of you doing somethign
Caljen42 (2:05:12 AM): soon! he wants to hang out
ajmicek (2:06:02 AM): Good.,
ajmicek (2:06:03 AM): perfect. i knew it!
Caljen42 (2:06:22 AM): i feel good about this. i would like to be friends
ajmicek (2:06:31 AM): good
ajmicek (2:06:32 AM): as you are
ajmicek (2:06:33 AM): and wil lbe
ajmicek (2:07:28 AM): and yes it will be good
ajmicek (2:07:33 AM): angels will probably sing
Caljen42 (2:07:42 AM): angels? i dunno bout that
ajmicek (2:07:52 AM): oh yeah
ajmicek (2:08:00 AM): it's the offseason for the heavenly host/choir
ajmicek (2:08:39 AM): nevertheless...
i wrote a pretty long blog considering it says nothing about what i've been doing, how i am, or anything of the sort. that takes talent. that is why i am an english major. see the connection? yesssss.
:end sidenote


"I'm sorry but I'm not."

Me too, Prariedog, me too.
I'm still recovering from a whirlwind weekend. Yes, I know that it is Thursday and therefore almost the weekend again but it takes a while to catch up after swing dancing and caves, masses and movies, all late into the night and spilling over into the week preceeding and following that weekend.
Woke up this morning at about 9:30 and was lying in bed, reveling in the fact I have a car on campus these days. I thought to myself, "I can go get coffee whenever I want or like Mom said, I can get myself to the dentist for my- MY APPOINTMENT!" I got up, dressed, out the door and was standing in front of Pat the receptionist at Dr. Mascia's office a mere 20 minutes later. I twas amazing. I knew there was something i had to do this morning but I just couldn't figure out what it was. When I passed on to Amanda the news that I have to get my wisdom teeth removed she said, "Can I help?!?" My shocked look prompted an addendum of, "I meant like with making you jello or something." Right. Nice cover, Amanda.
Working backwards, Candlelight Mass in the living room here was beautiful. We actually used candles as our only light, Fr. Lies did a great homily as usual, and lots of cool new people showed up.
Tuesday night had its ups and downs including running next door in tears to ask Fr. Jeff if he had some time to talk, watching scandalous (by Jenny's standards anyway) TV with tiff, and eating burning hot fresh "six minute wait" caramel apple empanadas from Taco Bell to celebrate the delivery of the Impaler to UST.
Cat got our signature picture up on the Common Ground website at the beginning of the week. This weekend we're having another resident retreat, minus two of our dear residents...Tiffany can't come due to familiy obligations and the 5th and newest addition to the house, Mr. Mouse, is not invited. Jen, Cat and I are driving up to my cabin for a relaxing overnight. It should be a good time considering the pictures Jen drew to illustrate the event on our whiteboard calender.
I'm off to escape at an unknown (to you) destination rather than do the many things I should be doing. Its me time.
:end sidenote
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