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Catch a wiff anyone?

Yesterday it smelled like fall. For real. I thought I was imagining it the first time I smelled it but then it was there again in the afternoon as I walked through the lower quad: fall.
Sometimes my mother and I creep me out. I cannot tell you how many times we call each other at the exact same time (even after not having spoken in days) or when we were living together we often walked out of our rooms in matching outfits. Anyway, I called her and it went straight to voicemail and she had the same problem because we dialed at the very same time on Tuesday. Again.
Yesterday was a good day all around. It started with morning prayer in Jenny's bed and just kept getting better from there. The math quiz I studied for during my entire break between classes was easily aced. My new necklace made from supplies bought at the Bead Monkey got worn and appriciated all day. Tiff, Jen and I played football in the living room and then continued the game to Mr. Movies, Beakers, and back home. "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind" came out on video and dvd on the 28th so we rented that for our Resident Retreat. In preparation for said event I actually did my English reading in a timely fashion. It is a lot easier to do one's homework when laying in the hammock enjoying the sunshine of Summit even though while I was out there Annie Fochtman smacked me around and slapped me so hard it stung. That's what happens when your hands are so cold you can't feel the face of the person you're slapping. Lesson learned...I hope.
The Resident Retreat. What can I say about it? We decided to hide away like princesses locked in a tower while several groups utelized our house for a meeting space. We watched the movie, were interrupted by silly boys who locked themselves out of their car, watched some more movie, were interrupted again...oh dear. Then the fun began: the shimmy lessons. By the time Jenny moves out of this house she will know how to shimmy. I tried to teach her. Cat tried. Tiff tried. Progress was made. I got Febreezed...several times.
Visitors stopped by at 11:30 and there was an amazing jam session in the living room. Donny read books to piano tunes he was making up and Tiff sang the "What I like about ______" song about Cat, Brandon, Bobby and myself. They both rocked everyone's faces off.
1:00 AM rolled around and it was time to shower. Don't ask. It just had to happen.
I had no idea there even was a setting that could allow or block certain people from commenting but now that it has been brought to my attention that such a setting does exist, I have remedied the situation and anyone can comment on the website. I was having the hardest time figuring out who has the initials MJI but then as I read, for the fourth time, the comment this person made of course I figured it out. I could actually hear Matt Incorvia saying "And what on earth is the shimmy?"
Now you know, Matt, now you know.
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"So I'm thinking over the things that you said"

-a Dana Glover song

I'm actually thinking more about the things that weren't said and if they will be or if I just made them up in the silence.

Anyway, onto more concrete things.
It has been a lazy lazy weekend...
Starbucks, Snyders and Blockbuster yesterday afternoon and then back to JPII to watch "Dangerous Beauty," one of my favorite movies in the entirest world. Got ready, went to Taco Bell (which sounds really good right now too, sadly enough) and then went to Andy Mark's house for a bonfire get-together. I knew a grand total of one person at the gathering when I arrived but I left knowing many more. A good time was had by all, even the girl who face planted into the dirt while getting up from a chair 3" off the ground. At least she didn't land in the fire. Yes, in case you were wondering, horoscopes are against my religion. The shimmy made many an appearance and the evening was a success overall.

So far today all I've managed to do is eat the fabulous cookies Noah and Cat made and get my hair trimmed. Oh yea, a cd exploded in my computer and Tiff and I took the whole thing apart to dig out the shattered pieces. Who knew a cd could break into so many pieces? My new friend in India who works for Dell thinks it was the cd's fault, not the computer's. We'll see.

Mass, mess clean-up, family dinner, homework, and night prayer is the schedule for the rest of today.
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forever and a half

Life has been good.
Last weekend was...well it was so wonderful that trying to write about it seems somewhat impossible because I keep drifting off to think about it.
Let's see:
One Gospel, Dixies, Caucasus conversations, live music, what are white russians?, doors x2, accidental dials, bus stop sunning, crazy hair that works, keyword: jacket that will cover my butt, weaseling discounts, costumed beer-run runners, Chipotle, Daytons is how it's done, fare change for a stranger, Ladies' Night hour's-d, manos arribas!, public radio, dark dress with white, dancing too long and not enough, WWII wings above and asphault below, pile of pillows, a snippy yes, more doors, too many rings, sleepy Sunday, Tuscan pasta con padres, almost Mass with no priest, kitty in a hammock, family dinner...
I almost died Tuesday. That pesky bubonic plauge is still with me but Monday I will find out if I have mono on top of that because now they have my blood. I was so sure I could be done with needles for a while too...
Savers and I are now friends. My "Mitchell" sweatshirt is amazing but "Rhonda" has divorced me and now lives on Mykala. Apparently my shoulders just weren't what she was looking for (I use the term "she" loosely here...veeery loosely).
My entire wardrobe is on my floor right now because none of my clothing liked my body last night. I finally went to Beef Country, after buying wine for Cat with Jen, where Annie was completely floored that I had turned to her for help but it all worked out with my pink flamenco dress and a cute jean jacket.
Nap time was glorious. How can a nap be any less than complete glory? While curled up on Jenny's bed listening to her read Tiffany and me a story I got asked out on a date. Jury is still out on if that is going to happen. Jonas, Noah and Paul have all agreed to be my advising board. They will wear suits, ask theologically based questions, and assess the moral character of any man who decides to pursue me. Bring 'em on.
At Sofia we had dessert, listened to jazz music, and celebrated Cat turning 21.
Meagan and I went shopping this morning to find her a dress for a wedding and by went shopping I mean we went to my home-home and dug through my closet. Then we sat around drinking tea and catching up...
Here at home I had to leave the door unlocked while I showered for two reasons...we'll just leave it at that.
Tonight is completely Kala's night.
My feet are cold so I've gotta go.
How's that for logic, Kemp?
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the weekend blur

Is it wrong that I have to look at my calender to remember what I did on Friday? Hmm...
I do remember that it was an "ugly day." I lost count of how many outfits I tried on before settling on one I could leave the house wearing. Thank goodness Tiff is a patient person. Catholic studies turned the day around, however, and I am very greatful to Dr. Thompson for that.
Later there was shopping, Mexican food, a very chill SPO party, and a house bonding night (minus Cat) in the penthouse suite. It ended with Jenny hiding popcorn in Tiff's bed, crutons on the shower, canned goods in the laundry basket, and who knows what else. The calls at 12:35, 12:53, 1:10, 1:40, and 1:42 were a bit excessive but I think it had to happen.
Saturday Nate and I went to the Mall to get him a suit for a wedding this weekend.
I know nothing about suits. Absolutely nothing. We didn't get a suit. We, and by we I mean myself, did get shoes, two sweaters and a pair of pants for a grand total of...too much. He made me do it..really.
In case you were wondering Norah Jones, while very talented and even quite pretty, has no stage presence whatsoever. Watching from the floor of the Excel was still a treat even though Josh, my partner for the evening, wouldn't dance with me. I told him it was the perfect date concert and couldn't we just pretend we were on a date? He said he doesn't know how to dance and that the defibulator and first aid bag we're required to carry at all times might get in the way. Pish posh.Davanni's at 11pm on a Saturday was, as expected, filled with freshmen but I was starving so I made an exception and stayed to order my pizza. At least I got it to go.

The Common Ground dryer is possessed. Instead of just going for the cycle I program it for, it just continues around the dial again and again. This means that putting a load in there assuming it will stop after the 40 minutes it was set for DOESN'T WORK. My clothes were so hot after having been in there for five hours that I couldn't even fold them last night hence the piles of clothes on my floor today. I abhor cleaning with a passion.

Mom and I went to Sam's club and Common Ground is now...
64 boxes of Mac and Cheese
90 hotdogs
90hotdog buns
3 flats of bottled water
3lbs of butter
2 gallons of milk
...richer. BIG MAC AND CHEESE BLOWOUT! Tomorrow. 5-7. Here we go.
Cat "borrowed" my oranges for a many mile run today. I figured since I've spent the afternoon in my hot, stifling room folding and putting away clothes and am still whining about the heat I could donate my oranges to someone motivated enough to run around in it.

:end sidenote


The first days of class...

Nina was waiting for me at the binz yesterday with a menu posted that said,
1. Egg Beaters
2. Fried Eggs on English Muffins
3. Sausage Patties
4. Diced Potatoes
5. Oatmeal
Where's Calley?"
Who cares that my name was spelled wrong? IT WAS WRITTEN ON THE MENU. Its like I'm famous.

My Catholic Studies professor has a daughter that might be the reincarnation of me...that is, if I believed in reincarnation and if I were dead.
I've decided Dr. Kemp (philosophy prof)has a strange graviational pull on him. Everything about him is off kilter to the left: his belt buckle perpetually slid to the left side no matter how many times he centered it, his tie knot was almost hidden underneath the left lapel of his collared shirt, his head tilts to the left, and he leans his left side on the chalk board.
Through a "get to know you" exercise with Dr. Radka Turcajova in finite math I have learned more about her favorite travel destinations, foods, and places to live than I might ever need to know.
In Dr. Young-ok An's English class my name now has a big line connecting it to Mykala's on the roster. We're not sure how we feel about that, especially after only one day.

Moving on...Joe and I drove around last night looking for a police officer to give us directions to the closest Cub Foods (Joe's idea) We did eventually find a cop. He was standing inside the door of the Cub Foods on University.
Walks along River Road have resumed.
Tiff (who will be very excited she is being mentioned yet again in a sidenote) has been getting headaches in her attic room...I mean penthouse suite...from the paint fumes up there and so slept here in my lovely room. Jenny almost joined us to make it a fullfledged slumber party but didn't quite have the motivation to drag her mattress in here at midnight.
After a double-take experience in the quad, I taught Kala how to do a bank transaction face to face with a teller. We also found napkins at Caribou that might have been custom made for us..."Espresso Truths: A.M.-azing." I took 13 of them.

Away message of the day:
"pretty sure i have on the cheapest outfit i own. $1 gap jeans from a garage sale, a $3 black a-line undershirt from target, a necklace that was the free piece in a buy two get one free deal, $5 sunglasses, and flip flops that are like 5 years old and i bought with a gift certificate in the first place. thats like, what, $9? even if you factor in the haircut (free not including the candy dots i had to buy for kala) and the $10 box of hairdye...we're still under $20. yea. whats up now?"

I'm so proud, as is Lettie Bumpkins.
:end sidenote


"pirates of the mississippi"

---2004 crew t-shirt
So last night as I was falling asleep I was trying to decide if I could post about my experiences that evening and I still haven't completely decided. It was the Padelford end of the year party for all crew members...chaos reigned and the amount of debauchery was ridiculous.
In the time it took me to write those two sentances I've decided details should be kept to my real journal...the one no one else has access too. It is for the greater good. A classic Gus Gaspardo comment that pretty much sums up a lot of the goings on last night is, "It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last."
Since last night, however, I have completed all of my SOAR responsibilities, got an El Burrito Mercado fix with Katie, commissioned (and I use that term loosely) a painting for my room, survived the first official house meeting without getting voted out, ate a splendid dinner with some great women, saw my Annie for the first time since last spring, and am now contemplating bed. Jenny commented that I seem to sleep a lot but it is actually that I am anticipating the lack of sleep that usually ensues after the beginning of the school year so I have been trying to sleep as much as possible...not including last night. Tiff added that I do tend to be a "napper." What can I say? I do enjoy my sleep time. Tomorrow there will be a reunion breakfast at the Binz for my annual oatmeal breakfast on the first day of school. Yes, I am having one of my housemates take a picture of me tomorrow so that my mom will not miss a year of first day of school pictures.
The jersey cotton sheets are calling.
:end sidenote


i thought i lost it!

So the last post was lost in cyberspace for a while but I just found it which is a relief because I thought I was going to have to rewrite all about the cable experience and I just wasn't really up to that...
Anyway, I got to go to mass yesterday at St. Paul Seminary and it was wonderful. Simply wonderful. I missed that place and it was nice getting to catch up with my bishop.
A grocery store trip really needs to happen soon. Even though I put a twist on the good ole fried eggs yesterday by adding some spices it is still getting old raiding the "Anybody Fridge" everytime I'm hungry. My diet has become very vegetarian due to the lack of options around here...
Lucas picked me up to take me to Padelford last night and about halfway there I thought he was going to have a heart attack when he finally glanced at me to say something and noticed my new hair. Classic Lucas.
There was a Columbian couple on the dinner cruise last night and watching them try to dance to the banjo and guitar riverboat music was quite entertaining. "Rollin' Down the River" just doesn't have thesame kind of beat they are used to in Latin music.
Impromptu pie party last night...thank you D'Amico for the leftovers. I just might use the rest of that caramel apple pie to bribe people to come visit me here at Common Ground.
If I were a good best friend I would be driving to Grinnell right now to pick up Megan for the crew party but, alas, I am a horrible person.
Yay for cooler weather and sunshine...
:end sidenote


a first in common ground...

...we have wireless internet!
I made friends with the tech, Erbob (pronouced air-bob). It is amazing what giving someone a glass of cold iced tea on a hot day will do. Erbob is from Somalia, has TEN children aged 7mo-15yrs, has a degree in electrical engineering, used to live and work in Saudia Arabia, and is now stuck in a job for which he is overqualified in order to feed his children. When I asked if he likes his job he answered with a smile, "No, I hate it but I am patient. For now I work to survive but everything will be better someday. I will be patient." When he hooked up the modem and it didn't work he said, "It has a fault. You see, nothing on earth is without fault. Everything has fault."
While Erbob was running the new cable to the house he encountered some branches that needed to be removed. Of course Tiff and I couldn't find any saws and the Fathers weren't home next door. Farther down the street, Peter and Barb found four, count 'em four, handsaws for me. Rounding the corner to our backyard feeling very proud of myself I heard a loud buzzing...Tiff had managed to find a chainsaw and someone to operate it. So much for my four handsaws.
Jonas and Matt worked tirelessly on the wireless software installation for hours last night. They were wonderful and I'm willing to forget that Jonas actually tried to use a mouse on my ankle...gotta watch out for those seminarians.
So many people were willing to help us out. The Lord really does provide and now...
...we have wireless internet.
:end sidenote



What should I be doing right now? I SHOULD be getting dinner started for the fam, organizing my last Common Ground bound box of stuff, cleaning my bathroom, or taking a CEU class online but instead I am here. Typing.
The last few days have been could even say phenomenal. My beautiful room overlooking Summit Avenue and the edge of campus is really just that...beautiful. It has all come together wonderfully except for one final bare wall. There are several possibilities for said bare wall and we're not sure which is going to actually happen many options...just have to wait and see what happens. Besides, with the canOpy in my room I really can't go wrong.
Tiff, Kala and I went on an adventure to the Rainforest Cafe last night and I'm going to be honest...that place made me fairly uncomfortable. Brenden the Fossil guy pulled the, "What's that on your shirt? Whoop! I got you!" It was more than creepy. I initiated Tiffany into the world of Coldstone while Mykala allegedly witnessed a shooting in the bathroom.
Back at Common Ground, or Carmen Ground as it is apparently often misheard, I got bangs for the first time in my entire life. This logically led to driving to Walgreens at 11pm to buy hairspray. Obviously we ended up not only with hairspray but with Dots and Revlon hair dye in "Bittersweet." The girl at the checkout actually told me she didn't think "Bittersweet" was a good color for me. She even offered to let me trade for something else that might work better...moving on...the results have been called "classy" and I have been told I look older. I was a bit nervous Daddy wouldn't approve since he DID just pay a fair amount of money two weeks ago to have my hair lowlighted but when I told him he actually laughed. Like I said before...phenomenal.
:end sidenote
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